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Discussion in 'Help' started by sgttiger, Oct 12, 2020.

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    hello persons who is reading this.
    Sgttiger here.

    In regards to reapz offences he commited on the 11th, it started with him killing me in warp pvp and giving (we think an alt) my items. the other person proceeds to log off, (probably not coming back) with my items, reapz tells me that the person logged out near his base and (after claiming to not know the person) says they will be back in 10 mins so we should lava trap them to get my items back.
    Lamna and PP_micro come and we stand around waiting for the person to come back.
    Reaps asks if all 3 of us want to pvp him, then calling us "cowards" after we refuse.

    Cut to the chase, after about 4mins reaps pulls out lava buckets and starts placing them, killing lamna and almost me and PP_micro, resulting in reapz being banned (i think) (no one has told us if he is or not)
    if he is banned is there a way i can retreive the items he gave to the alt/other player (an adventurer who claims his alt has hundreds of kills on Hypixels UHC (advertising ban in itself) . since he is now gone.

    Namely my bow, sword and pickaxe, fishing rod and axe , they have mobtrak items on them with 2k recorded kills on each.
    I asked reapz nicely if he could replace the items he gave to the player, (Me and faddymanatee both watched him pick them up and give them to the guy). He refused and laughed.

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    Hey sgttiger,

    I am sorry for your lost items. Unfortunately, the part where you were killed in PvP initially was not against the rules. Additionally, I looked up that account that got the items, but it I am certain, that it is not an alt account of Reapz. My best guess is, that he just tried to give you false hope when he said they would log back on. Because of that, we can not replace the items in question.

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