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    At the moment, the only thing special about the resource world is that it resets often and rtps you when you go to it.

    Honestly, this gives very little incentive to use it.

    I have had plenty of frustration from lava getting in the way by either
    a) destroying items (not very significant but still a thing, especially since a god pick can't have telepathy anymore)
    b) slowing you down. This could be mitigated by implementing a "hell strider" CE, which would be depth strider for lava, but I don't think thats something server administration can do.
    c) lighting you on fire which is a really annoying graphic that takes up a lot of the screen

    What I propose, simply, is that the resource world should have less, if not no lava lakes underground. This would actually give incentive to use it instead of the main world.

    As always, everything is chill, it's just a suggestion.

    Thanks for reading! :)
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