Scheduled downtime (again)

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    Hello Players,

    Due to organisational reasons we have to move ShadowKingdom to another machine again. Beginning on April 22nd at 11pm UTC, the network will be down for about 12 hours while we transfer all of our data to the new hardware. Aside from the downtime, there should be no noticable change for the players, everything will still be where you left it.


    Q: When will the server be back online?

    A: We would like to allocate about 12 hours for this move to occur. Again, Shadow Kingdom stores terabytes of data, so it takes a while to move all of that information. The server should be back online on April 23th at around 11 AM UTC!

    Q: I'll be bored while the server is down! What can I do in the meantime?

    A: We have a Discord server that will remain online while the rest of the network is down for the transfer. Everyone may join this Discord server to interact with the community while the Minecraft server (and forums) are down. CLICK HERE to join!

    Q: Is there any way I can help the transfer?

    A: Unfortunately, this is a job for @Matt and the Sysadmin team alone. The best way that you (a player or staff member) can help us is by remaining calm and collected, and being understanding during this stressful time.


    We know that downtime is never fun. Shadow Kingdom has a history of amazing uptime because we strive to allow our services to be available as much as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we move to our new hardware. After all, this is for the better of Shadow Kingdom's future.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns,

    - Shadow Kingdom Sysadmin Team

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