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    Hello Players,

    I hate making these types of posts.

    Due to the various issues we've been having with our server hardware, the Towny server was lost and we could not recover the most current backup of it. The latest backup of the server that we could recover is about 48 hours old. This means that the Towny server was rolled back 48 hours.

    Although we take backups of our gamemodes every few hours (so a rollback of this size should never happen), due to the events of Sunday, our backups were occurring on the incorrect version of the Towny server. This means that when the server required a restore, the latest not-broken version we had was from before the crash on Sunday.

    We know this is very heartbreaking for a lot of you who put your time and trust into us and our servers, so we are compensating the lost progress with a few rewards for all players:

    • DOUBLE Jobs money for the next 48 hours.
    • VoteParty counter set to 10.
    • $50,000 added to the Lottery.
    • /fly enabled for the next 24 hours for all players.
    Again, we apologize for this happening, and we have taken steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

    - SK Sysadmin Team
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