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  1. StyxFPS

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    Mar 23, 2017
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    Shadow Kingdom Minigames

    Good morning/afternoon/evening forums,

    Over the past five years, Shadow Kingdom has transformed and improved in a plethora of ways. It has truly been a joy to witness as an old admin, player and supporter of the server since shortly after its release. The 2015 community who still remain on the server will remember the original creative server and how it was characterised by some extremely fun and unique minigames designed by the first ever staff team on the server. These minigames attempted to make a comeback for Towny 2.0, however proved unsuccessful due to unfortunate circumstances. Now that the creative server has increased in popularity, a handful of nostalgic members are prepared to assist in the comeback of minigames to Shadow Kingdom Creative.

    Why revive Shadow Kingdom Minigames?

    Shadow Kingdom minigames used to be an extremely fun way to take a break from building back in Creative 1.0. It would be great to share this experience with the newer communities that have developed on Shadow Kingdom whilst also providing a sense of competition on the server.

    What would make minigames relevant to Shadow Kingdom?

    Potential reward systems for minigames could be discussed. As of now, we only really want it back to have fun with our friends. However, an argument could be made around providing players with rewards for both creative and towny if they succeed in particular minigames. This also offers the opportunity for hosted events and contests similar to build contests, hosted by myself and others interested. We did attempt this in the past, but it never set off. Due to recent build contest success, this could maybe be an opportunity, but first we would need to ensure minigames could work. All of this would have to be discussed with staff.

    Who is attempting to revive SK minigames?

    I am sure many players want to have their say on the minigames scenario. As of now, myself (StyxFPS) and Luminiscient are primarily coordinating ideas and bringing it to the community in this post. We have more players who are interested in helping. I have conversed with administrators and we are all hoping to make something of this.

    A walk in the past…

    Upon Shadow Kingdom’s release, minigames consisted of multiple classic minigames, such as spleef, capture the flag, custom PvP arenas and some custom parkour arenas. However, minigames also consisted of two uniquely developed, infamous SK exclusive game modes known as Infection and Descent. The following is a rundown of these minigames and also what we would like to propose to recreate:

    - Infection:

    With a minimum of six players, players are separated into two teams, one being humans attempting to survive and the other being infected players (zombies) whose goal is to ensure all humans are defeated by the end of the game time (generally 10-15 minutes). Teams are unevenly split; there is usually a ratio of three humans to one zombie. Zombies are relatively strong compared to humans in order to overcome their opponents, so humans must fight in numbers, or ensure they find a fantastic hiding spot to last the timer. Once a human falls, they become a zombie and team up with the zombies until either they win by eliminating all humans or they lose to the timer, allowing humans to survive. This game mode was a fan favourite in 2015-16 creative. Many of us spent countless hours fighting one another here.

    - Descent:

    The server’s second most popular minigame was Descent, an arena in which two or more players would race to the bottom of a pit by falling through a vast array of blocks without taking too much fall damage, causing their demise. Players can respawn, but it is not wise as your opponent may be taking extra precaution! First player to reach the bottom alive and hit the sign in the centre wins.

    The following minigames were cult classics Shadow Kingdom adopted.

    - Spleef

    Two or more players battle it out in an arena with a deteriorating floor. Aim to be the last man standing without falling through the floor to win. You can use a shovel to dig holes under your opponents.

    - Capture the Flag (CTF)

    Six or more players are randomly split into two teams. Each team must infiltrate the enemy base opposite their own to steal the enemy flag and bring it back to their own base without dying. The first team to three captures wins, but make sure you defend your base as you attempt to attack!

    - Paintball

    Paintball was originally introduced to SK minigames later on and it quickly became popular when it was up and running. Two teams fight using snowballs. Hitting an enemy with a snowball is a one shot kill and gives your team a point. The enemy respawns. First to an allotted point limit wins.

    - PvP Arena

    Custom built PvP arenas for all players to fight, team deathmatch style. Swords, bows, minimal armour. Best PvP player survives!

    - Parkour

    Custom build Parkour. You can take it slow and attempt to complete courses of varying difficulty or race your friends to prove who is the fastest! We produced a large amount of maps at one point, these could all make a comeback.

    Where will we get these arenas and maps?

    A large range of builders cooperated over the years to produce maps for all of these minigames. A lot of these maps may still be available in the server archives and if they are, we could potentially use these! If not however, there are plenty of people on the creative server who would love to build maps for these minigames. Who knows, maybe we could all collaborate on our very own Shadow Kingdom hunger games map…

    The Shadow Kingdom community produced fantastic arenas back in the day. If we were to find these in the archives, the nostalgia would sky-rocket.

    How are we going to implement minigames again?

    The downfall of creative 1.0’s minigames was Minecraft’s update to (what I recall to be) 1.14. Whatever update it was, the minigames plugin became outdated and hence could not be used, shutting down minigames ( : ( ). As we are only players, we do not know how we can implement any plugins so we would like to collaborate with the admins to discuss possible opportunities for a minigames comeback. This would involve plugins and ways to at least begin the project, but also would allow us to access the old maps and implement them ourselves. Another potential problem would be where to put minigames. We all feel it would be fitting to incorporate it into the current creative server. This would be most the most beneficial and efficient placement, however it is clear that the server is already very intensive, and this may not be possible. As a result, we would potentially have to put more work into opening a third Shadow Kingdom server purely for minigames. This could incorporate a larger parkour scene as well. Again, we need the administrative opinion on this case as we do not know the logistics for this task on the administrative side, however we are familiar with the in-game requirements.

    Who is interested?

    The entire Shadow Kingdom community adored these minigames. During recent conversations, I am aware that both staff and the creative community would love to see a minigames return. I myself am prepared to dedicate time in order to see this happen, alongside fellow creative players who are willing to put some effort into this. Let’s collaborate with the staff and make this comeback work.

    We would all appreciate forum upvotes, show your support by commenting to this thread and spreading it around the discord if you want to see minigames return!

    What’s next?

    We are grateful for everybody who has read this. It would be fantastic if the staff could consider this opportunity and if the admins could discuss the feasibility of this project and communicate with me to discuss any potential next steps.

    Many thanks for reading,

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  2. OldSeed

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    Apr 7, 2020
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    I think I might have made some parkour maps way back in the day, might break those out if this goes through...
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  3. Luminiscient

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    Jan 21, 2020
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    It would be amazing if some of the old minigame maps happen to be archived and can be retrieved. If this is not the case, however, I would absolutely be willing to create a series of paintball, CTF, and PvP arena maps.
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  4. LuciferDiabolous

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    Jan 28, 2017
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    I'd love to see Infection come back to the server that was probably my all time favorite thing when I first started on SK. If there's no maps for it available I would 10000% willing to make some for it aswell
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  5. OhKraye

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    Jan 1, 2018
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    I'd love to see this be implemented! You seem to have a thorough idea of what you want and I think staff should discuss with you their opinions and how it could work! #minigamesonSK

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