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    HMMMMMMMM, I see you are having a little trouble... but don't worry. I got you <3

    Q: Can people take the item out of the chests?
    A: No, you can put items in the chests but nobody will be able to take anything out of it. When the time comes I will unlock the chest for the person the gifts where meant for.

    Q: Who do I give a gift to?
    A: You are meant to give a gift to the person to your right at the very least. Try to fill the bottom row with anything you like (don't be afraid to ask the person if they want something specifically). Besides that you are also allowed to give a gift to someone else you like (try to put those items in the top row).

    Q: I want to give all my Spawners and Votetokens to the nation. How do I do this?
    A: Very good question. A lot of people struggle with this one. Its very simple. Either give it as a gift to Preggers (first chest on the front) or throw it on the green carpet in front of the snowman by the Christmas tree (This way you also get to listen to a small song composed by me).

    Q: When can I collect my gift?
    A: People are allowed to give gifts from the 7th of December until the 21st of December. The chests will be unlocked at the 21st and the chests will stay until new-year.





    Try to fill atleast an entire row for this person. After that you can also gift other people if you want to.

    Lets be real. This whole Secret Santa thing is a scheme to get spawners and votetokens for the nation. Go to the snowman and throw your votetokens and spawners on the green carpet to hear a nice christmas song.
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