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    Hello kind people,

    a new idea. The idea started in my first economy post. I wanted to track someones statistics for a week. But Rononic ( my first victim ) gave me the idea to make it about more than just some statistics.

    As I said my first victim is Rononic. One of the people I look up to on the server. Always kind and caring, that really makes me happy… But why don’t we let Ron talk himself:

    • [​IMG]


    Greetings, I am Rononic, I own the town of Lockish alongside my Queen, Family <3

    I love to help people, assisting them whenever I can and I absolutely love the forest! :smile: :deciduous_tree:


    When I joined on Monday, I found quite a nice surprise, I won the lottery! It made me quite happy! XD I didn't do too much that day; I had a long day at school and I was exhausted so I just travelled around the server for a bit, exploring for around 2 hours :D

    Tueday: 6:22pm - 11:52pm

    On Tuesday I came online and did a "social experiment" asking players for money in return for their money. Two people out of fifteen players were trusting enough to lend to the cause. XD

    Afterwards I went and checked on our town's economy, members and it's regions to make sure everything was running correctly. Amazingly, the town's economy was growing greatly! Likewise, all of it's regions, kept under control by my Queen and trusted Lords; Family, Major_Graft and Paylode were flourishing with builds!

    Many members of our town have been quite inactive recently, including myself, sadly. I haven't been myself lately due to stress, so I am so thankful I have such amazing people to keep our town alive!

    For the next three tiring hours, I went around tidying up all of our items in our storehouses making things nice and organised for Family, while I waited for her to come home! :D'


    I was quite busy Wednesday with school and my family so I didn't get online, sadly. ) ;



    There was a very bad storm here in Ireland on Thursday... and the power was flickering so I didn't get on this day either!

    Friday: 5:30pm - 9:00pm

    Today I took down an old building at our town spawn to make room for a memorial monument, myself and Family have decided to put there. Since that was our original town "Homeblock", we want to have it always be remembered. I also organised some more chests, putting away some items and finding items I forgot I had! :D

    I assisted two people this day, providing them with books and leather. It was quite a nice day : )

    Saturday: Around an hour.

    On Saturday I got prepared to build that monument for the original town spawn but got distracted in real life...... XD



    Sunday: 3 hours.

    Finally on Sunday I began the Monument! After getting my Queen's approval of the monument, I began to build it! It's not the most spectacular of sights so we may change it up some other time! :D



    Today! (Yesterday)

    The week is now over and Mari can now stalk my week! XD

    And guess what: me, Mari did the stalking.

    As Rononic said, he owns the town of lockish.
    So, let’s use my data and give you guys some graphs!


    Another graph I wanna show you, Ron’s balance:


    To finish I asked Ron some other questions you might want to know his answer to.

    Since when do you play minecraft?
    I've been playing since around 1.2, I remember 1.2.5 specifically : )

    Is there a player you look up too? if yes, who? (on towny?)
    I look up to my friends as a whole, I love to see others making progress and being happy

    What is the aspect of towny that you like most?
    I prefer Vanilla honestly.. XD But I do love the Towny plugin itself, it allows you to protect your home and your friend's homes

    What is your favorite build on the server?
    My favourite build, without doubt would be Major_Graft's grand cathedral, it is so awe-inspiring.

    If you could change anything on the server, what would you change?
    If I could change anything, i'd make sure people are more patient, and slow to judge others, making the place a much friendlier and kinder place :heart: :deciduous_tree:

    So, that was sitting down with Rononic.
    Make sure to be as kind to Ron as Ron is to you!

    An article from The Observer,
    Written by: Rononic and Marijke2382
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    Nice :)
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    You should do more interviews
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    i am very interesting^

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