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    Hello everyone,

    Here I am, once again. You guys should know the concept by now, right? :D
    So this time I’ll interview Rubyo2000. He is one of my friends in real life and currently one of my classmates.

    Rubyo joined Shadow Kingdom a while back, when towny V1 was released. Rubyo, some other friends and myself have played on all towny servers since then. Rubyo has been mayor of a town on all these server, but this version ( V3 ) he is mayor of the town: LLamaland and is the God Emperor ( owner ) of the Alpha nation. Llamaland has 117 residents at the moment, Alpha has 747.

    (You can visit Llamaland by typing /t spawn llamaland)

    Besides a wonderful mayor, Rubyo happens to be a server assistant too! I sure hope he becomes moderator soon, but why don’t we let Rubyo speak himself!


    Short introduction:
    Hi everyone! I am Rubyo and I'm the mayor and director of the theme park LlamaLand. Furthermore, I also try to be a good member of the staff-team. I love to help, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask!
    I had fun with this interview, so now I hope you all enjoy reading it.

    What do you do in your spare time?
    Apart from playing minecraft, I sometimes try to be creative in a modeling, 3D-creating sort of way. In the past 2 years, I've been working on creating my own sort of toy-rollercoaster. You could think of it as an improved version of the Lego and K'nex rollercoasters :). I model all different parts needed on my laptop and then use my 3D-Printer to actually make the parts. This project is on hold for almost half a year now tho... Maybe I should restart it...

    What is your favorite holiday?
    My favorite holiday would be New Year's Eve. Having an awesome time with friends and family to celebrate the beginning of a new year, counting down to midnight, launching some fireworks... I love it!

    What do you like most doing in minecraft?
    I like to challenge myself by building redstone-things or grinders, but in a new/effective/original way. This way I can really enjoy building the machine, rather than just copying it from youtube and using it afterwards.

    What is your favorite minecraft mob, friendly and hostile?
    As mayor and director of LlamaLand, I would definitely choose the Llama's as my favorite animal. But just as player, I really love the horses!

    Do you have a favorite color for your sheep?
    Red and Blue are my two favorite colors. I can't really choose between them, but for sheep, I would say I like Blue the most.

    What is your favorite aspect on the server?
    My favorite aspect would be access to the global chat through discord, so even when I can't be online I feel more connected to the community.

    Do you think the nations are a big asset to the server?
    I do. Nations give towns the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, to connect even more. And I feel like this makes being part of a town even more interesting.

    What is your favorite grinder on the server and why?
    My favorite grinder(s) would be my own. As you may have read before, I love to take some time to really optimise the design of the grinder, so the grinder is just that one step more interesting. Also since I made my grinders myself, I know exactly how they work and how to handle them.


    What is your favorite build on the server?
    That’s a tough question. There are so many amazing builds on the server! But as my favorite (apart from the spawn-build of course) is still the LlamaLand spawn. It’s just breathtaking! It immediately sets the theme, gives that magical touch of an amusement park and uses such a weird build panel in such an amazing way.
    All credits for this build go to the amazing Ultrabrain! You did a great job man!

    Do you think a building theme is important in a town?
    I believe that depends on what kind of town you're going for. Do you want to have a good looking and very decorative town or do you prefer efficiency over beauty? Or maybe you want to have different themed areas. Or as a mayor, you feel having a higher member count is more important rather than having a certain theme going on.

    For me, as mayor of LlamaLand, I do feel like having a theme in the town is an interesting feature. It makes all builds in the town feel way more connected and it gives a way more realistic touch to the town, which I think is lovely as well.

    Why did you apply for staff?
    I wanted to be able to help out more with the server. I love to help out others who have questions about the server, how it works or what to do and since I've been a player on Shadow Kingdom since early 2017, I'm quite known with all different commands.

    Is there someone you think would be a good staff member but isn’t one at this moment?
    Actually there is! She's interviewing me right now :p. I'm sure you would make a wonderful staff member!

    Do you want to share value that is really important to you?
    Is there anything you want to add?

    I just wanna thank Marijke2382 for interviewing me, it was fun answering all the questions. And I also wanna thank you for reading it :)

    Thank you Rubyo for your time, sharing your ideas and just for being you!
    Thank you all for reading again!

    A lot of love,

    Mari <3

    An article from The Observer
    Written by
    : Rubyo2000, Rononic & Marijke2382
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    Another amazing interview! Rubyo, I loved editing this, I got to learn more about you before anyone anybody else! xD You should definitely start on those projects again in your real life, I would LOVE to see your "Improved Lego and K'nex"! : )
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    Woo! I got credit! Great interview as always though Marijke, and also great and interesting answers from you Rubyo. Keep these interviews coming!
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