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    Hello kind people (and others),

    I’ve been interviewing quite a lot of Towny players recently and with the new creative server coming soon I wanted to interview a real Creative player!

    I’d love to introduce you to my big brother, Ultrabrain.

    This article will be about the new creative server. Follow this link to find more information:
    Ultrabrain has been chosen to beta-test this new server, involving him with its development.

    Ultrabrain has been playing on shadow kingdom since the summer of 2015. The highest building rank he has achieved was ‘Designer’ on creative 2.0. On Creative 3.0 he reached ‘Architect’. Besides that he has been playing on all towny servers so far. On these towny servers he wasn’t the most active member, but he had one with the most impressive builds in the town!

    Now we know a bit about him, let’s get right into the interview! :D


    Short introduction:
    As you’ve all read already, I’m the Guy known as Ultrabrain. I’m mostly known for my decent building skill and often long periods of inactivity. I’ve been playing on this server for a long time and have had the pleasure to see it develop into what it is today. Mari was kind enough to ask me a few questions.

    Describe yourself in 3 words:
    Understanding, Analytical, Creative

    What do you do in your spare time?
    I’m a musician (flute and euphonium) and I’m quite busy with that. I play in a band and have more than enough classes to take in my spare time. Besides that I’ve gotten into Dungeons&Dragons lately and have been DM’ing a bit. My girlfriend is also an excellent time-vacuum. My remaining spare time is usually spent online, either playing games, chatting with people all over the world or just browsing the internet.

    What do you want to achieve next 3 years?
    Graduate and find a stable job.

    Would you rather your only mode of transportation be a donkey or a giraffe?
    A donkey. This seems much more practical to mount, and history has proven that donkeys have a good carrying capacity. I’m not so sure about giraffes.

    What do you like most doing in minecraft?
    Creating things that others can enjoy.

    What is your favorite block/item?
    The wooden axe. This is truly a garbage item when playing survival, but as most creative players know it has near unlimited potential in creative. This one item allows you to copy and paste things, place massive amounts of blocks instantly and even help with terraforming and circle generation. Although other building tools like voxelsniper and worldpainter are great too, WorldEdit is and will always be the most important one for me.

    What is your favorite aspect on the server?
    What I love most about the server is not really anything on the server itself, but the love the higher staff members have for their server. Just by talking with them you can tell that this server is something they are proud of, and in my opinion they should be proud too and deserve all the praise.

    What do you think about the new system on the creative server?
    It’s great. Although there are big risks tied to creating an all new system, I’m confident that it will be worth it. I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with the development of this server and I must say that the time and dedication was spent to make it as good as it can be. The staff is passionate about it, and I’m sure the community will be too.

    Do you think ‘popular’ people on the server will get the building ranks faster?
    I do not think so called “popular” people will have a significant advantage with reaching ranks. Due to the rank-up system being based on visits, comments and likes it is obvious that you might want to have a lot of friends, but in the end I think the most important thing for ranking up will be the actual quality of what you submitted.

    I do however think that having a bad reputation and a lot of “enemies” might slow you down on the new server. Even if your builds are amazing, I will be less interested in liking your build if you are known to be a bully.

    What is your favorite build you made on the server yet?
    That has to be my giant Demon Lady. It’s actually the only “serious” build I have finished on creative v3.0 (I’m aware that my serious is different than the serious of most people lol). I’m very critical of my own creations most of the time, but this is one I’m actually proud of!


    You can find this build on the new C-BD server using /build tp 13. Likes and comments are always appreciated of course :).

    What is your favorite build made by someone else?
    This is a very difficult question for me. I’ve never been good at choosing favorites, and there are so many amazing builds. The build that left an impression the most is probably the valley of Imladris built by jstoeckm2. Simply observing this amazing build has taught me a lot and changed for a part of how I approach minecraft building in general.

    Do you have plans to build something (big) in the future?
    As always I have a lot of plans but barely enough time to execute them properly. I’m really motivated to work on my organics in the near future though.

    What is your favorite style to build in?
    I really like to try new styles so I can’t really say I have a favorite, but over time I have developed my own mix of columns, towers and domes that seems to return more often than other styles. This “style” can be seen at the LlamaLand entrance at towny for those who are interested. You can visit LlamaLand on the towny server by /t spawn Llamaland.

    Did you ever do a team build? With who was this the best experience?
    I’ve started quite a lot of team builds but rarely finished them. Most often the problem was that the project was too ambitious or that there were disagreements on what direction the project had to take. Recently I had a successful team build though with Marijke2382, my sister and interviewer. We worked together on the new C-BD megaplots spawn and we are both happy with how that turned out. You can visit this build by doing /warp megaplots.

    Is there someone you think would be a good staff member but isn’t one at this moment?
    I’m sure there are a few people on this server who would be great staff members if they wanted to, but part of being a good staff member is that it should not be forced. Therefore I’m not going to mention any specific names here.

    Do you want to share value that is really important to you?
    If there is one value I’d like to share it’s that communication is one of the greatest tools to solve problems. If you’re every frustrated with someone or something you should give it a try ;).

    I also wish to thank my beloved sister Marijke2382 for this interview and wish you all the best on the new C-BD server. I’m hyped and I hope you are too!

    So that was it for now, hope to see you next time!

    Kind regards,

    An article from The Observer
    Written by
    : Ultrabrain, Rononic & Marijke2382
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    Another amazing interview, Marijke! Can't wait for the new Creative server!! :D
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    i am staff pls?
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    I also play D&D, and I play clarinet :)
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    whos ultrabrain
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    Wow this is super sweet! I love this and we need more of these. Thanks for posting it!
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