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    Earlier this year we held Creative: Build Discovery's first ever build contest, and it was a roaring success. Now, we're back with a second contest, and another four theme options for you to vote on!

    The schedule for this contest is as follows:
    7th-12th August: Theme Poll
    14th August: Building Begins
    28th August: Building Ends
    4th September: Contest Results

    The contest will run for two weeks, in a similar format to the previous contest. Full rules and rewards will be included in the start of contest announcement.

    In addition to two themes which proved popular runners-up in the previous contest's poll, we have added two additional options we hope you'll love:

    • Space Exploration: Spaceships and cities. Asteroids and astronauts. The very furthest corners of the universe are your playground in this space-themed building contest.
    • Once Upon A Time: Fairy tales. Elves, goblins, witches, knights and magical beasts inhabit this fantasy theme.
    • Above The Clouds: The sky is the limit in this theme! Be it planes, dragons, creatures of myth and legend or entire kingdoms, what secrets are concealed above the cloudy sky?
    • Journey Through Time: Time travel is real, and you've just stepped out of your machine into the great unknown. Where do you, intrepid explorer, find yourself today? Take us on a journey through the ages to a time long gone, or a world we have yet to experience.
    To vote on a theme, click on the link below. Please keep in mind that this poll will require you to sign in to Google, however, we will NOT be collecting any emails or personal information. The login requirement is purely to reduce duplicate answers from individuals or any other mishaps.

    Build Contest Theme Poll:

    Thank you,
    SK Staff
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