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    Hello everyone!
    Been a long time since you last saw me on the forums :D
    I want to talk about a thing I observed. I don't want to attack anyone, point them out or anything, I just want to calmly talk about this.
    Essentially I noticed that as the server progressed, the staff got stricter. Yes I agree, that compared to other servers the staff here are much more chill, but what I want to talk about is compared to old SK staff.
    Back in the day it was possible to freely talk about political issues and make some quite delicate jokes.
    Nowadays I noticed that staff got stricter. They prefer to avoid political discussion, and tend to not approve of jokes which are on the political spectrum.
    If my observations are true, then I do miss the older days. As you could see and freely take part in some heated, but weary civil discussions, which would most defiantly get shut down today.

    What do you guys think about this? Are my observations true or are they false? And do you agree with my point of view?
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    How old are we talking about? Because the staff changes over time. Almost all (or all besides admins) of the staff aren't the same as they were about 2 years ago. Just like the community. It warps and shapes as whoever decides to become active. The staff are doing their job although I do agree sometimes they can be a bit stricter with certain jokes but it is very dependent on what the situation is.

    Honestly people go to play Minecraft to forget about the dark times in the world. Especially in America the tension is pretty bad and avoiding political discussions on the server is probably best if they start getting heated. We can't assume everyone agrees on the same political spectrum nor some might not even know what they are right now. I think that's why they're getting a bit more stricter right now.

    That's just my view
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    I might not have been around during the "old days", but I'll reply anyways :D

    Communities on the internet are by default ever changing, new players join and old players move on. The same is true for the staff team and its members. This does not have to be a bad thing though. While (according to Kayoz) the community in the beginning was smaller and more mature (in terms of age), it has grown over the years and now offers a place for younger players as well. Of course, this also changes how things have to be moderated. Naturally, it is impossible to make everybody perfectly happy, some people would like to see things being stricter and others not. This is why feedback like this is always important, so thank you for taking the time to create this thread.

    Just like Heraclitus once said:

    “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”
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