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    Economy explained!

    Hello, I had an idea last week, no graphs for now ( you’ll have to wait some more days for that) but an explanation of our mini economy. Hope you like it ! :)

    The towny economy, what goes in and out?

    So, I noticed most people don’t really think about the economy system on our server. But after studying it, I felt like it’s a very nice system. So I’d love to talk a bit about it to you.

    Warning: Some of you guys may find this a very boring article. Please don't feel obligated to read it if you are bored.

    Please let me start with defining ‘the system’. This system is all players and everything they own: their balance, the blocks in their storage, the towny plot claims they own, the builds they made, all the blocks in the build world...

    In this system money and blocks tend to switch owner every now and then. We trade blocks, items and money with each other. But what’s in the system stays in the system for the first part.

    All possible player - player interactions are:


    With the easy command /trade you’ll open a window that’s good for trading money, blocks, items and vanilla experience.


    -sign shops


    -just give things away

    Now obviously there are some ways to get money and blocks in and out of this system. This is the part where the economy gets interesting.
    I made you guys a nice visualisation on paint.


    So the arrows that go towards the system are the arrows that bring in money and blocks, the arrows that point away from the system get money and blocks out of the system.

    I put letters near the arrows to make it easier to talk about.

    Let’s start with the first arrow (A). Jobs! Everyone knows that this is the easiest and probably the fastest way to earn money. If you choose your job wisely, you’ll earn money by doing things you love. Besides that everyone can join up to at least 2 jobs. If you combine them in a smart way you’ll make even more money!

    To check out payments for a specific job you can use /jobs browse.


    Next arrow (B): Resource world. The resource world, as most of you know, is The place to be if you want to ruin terrain, or just if you need building blocks. If you combine this with a job you’ll earn money and blocks. The blocks from the resource world enter the system once you mine them. Blocks from the build world were already part of the system.
    Tip: if you want to know where you are: /whereamI. This command will show you the world you’re in and your coordinates.

    The towns arrow ( C ). You all know that if you start a town you need some money. For claiming plots, the same, money is needed. This money will go to the shadowkingdom balance. I made a separate towns arrow because I think it’s a great system. Another visual:


    So the first arrow in the towns system: I, this arrow shows us the taxes that residents pay. There are 2 types of taxes. 1: The taxes that the resident pays to be a part of the town. 2: The tax that the resident pays to own a plot. In return for paying this second tax, the resident gets to own (a) plot(s).
    Another way how the red arrow works is when a resident buys a plot, this money will go to the town bank.

    The other arrows (II) show what happens when a town mayor/manager starts a town or buys a plot. The money will go to shadowkingdom balance and the plots will go to the town. Besides that arrow (II) show what happens with the daily town tax. The money goes from the town to the shadowkingom balance. When a town can’t pay this tax anymore it’ll stop to exist.

    Towny tip; you can check what taxes you have to pay by using the command /towny prices.
    An example ( for me, in the town of llamaland, nation of alpha):


    So the first line: price to create a new town/nation.
    Upkeep: specific for the town/nation you are in.
    [Price]: what the town has to pay to claim a new plot/outpost.
    [taxes]: what the owner of that plot/ member of the town has to pay.
    Taxes and upkeep are on a daily basis.

    Let’s go back to the next arrow in the full system: arrow (D). Everyone loves the ranks right? At least I do… Ingame money and online-time to earn more perks. What’s not to like? Well the only thing not to like, it steals money from our system. The money you spend on a rank will be removed from the system.

    You can do /ranks to get an overview of all perks that come with the ranks. And /rankup if you want to rank yourself up.


    Arrow (E) : the shadowkingdom balance. I’ve talked already a lot about this one. But I made again a separate arrow because it’s only the /sell commands that get money out of the balance. First of all: some examples of /sell.

    -/sell blocks (sells all the blocks in your inventory)
    -/sell all (sells all sellable things in your inventory)
    -/sell [block] (sells all specified blocks in your inventory)
    -/sell …

    To check the price of something you’re holding you can use /price.
    Now this is one of my favorite features. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s a great way of making money. The only thing is the blue arrow. This is the only way to get blocks out of the system (besides throwing stuff in lava). So, if fact you trade your blocks with the server for money.

    Last but not least: The farming arrow (F). Now this arrow makes me happy, it’s a perfect way of getting blocks and items in the system. By just cutting some trees, farming carrots or even grinding on a mob spawner you’ll get items/blocks in the system. Again, combine this in a smart way with a job or /sell and you’ll earn fast money.

    So, thank you for reading my informative (kinda boring?) post about the economy.
    I enjoyed making it. :)

    See you next time in ‘talking economy’

    Kind regards,

    An article from the Observer
    Written by: Marijke2382
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    Imagine having priced plots
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    Just want to add that another aspect of the Shadow Kingdom towny economy is inflation. There are endless streams of money/blocks from jobs, spawers, and the resource world. This reduces the value of the in game currency over time; making prices go up. I find it really interesting to see real world economic effects like this happen in a game like minecraft.
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