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    Hey everyone!

    Here is a litle bit more about me, hope you enjoy!

    Most of you guys know me as 'Mari', though my real name is 'Marijke'. This is a a very Dutch name, and it'll be pretty hard for most English people to pronounce, so 'Mari' is fine!

    (thanks to Emi for the amazing image!)

    My spare time activities:
    So when I have some free time, and I'm not playing minecraft with you guys, I'm probably doing something with music or watching netflix.
    I play the trumpet, mostly in the local 'fanfare' as we call it here in Belgium :D (it's pretty close to a marching band, but way cooler!).
    Besides music and netflix I also really enjoy boardgames, playing in the snow, watching musicals and hot chocolate.

    School and such:
    At this moment I'm going to university and I'm studying industrial engineering, electro-mechanics.
    We mostly learn a lot about maths, electricity, mechanics and some other physics.

    At home:
    I still live with my parents and my big brother ( you might know him ;) ). We also got two lovely cute cats! They are named 'Suske' and 'Wiske', they are named after the two main characters in one of the most famous Belgian comic books!

    Some things I don't like:
    Cold feet, busy places, coca cola, sauce on food and formatting text in word.

    Nice to meet you all :)
    Hope to see you soon ingame!

    Kind regards,
    Mari <3
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    I agree strongly with the 'formatting text in word'

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