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    Hi everyone,

    On our network, you are able to make tickets (also known as modreqs) to ask for support from staff members. Staff members will be notified when there are open tickets so they can look into them as soon as possible.
    In this tutorial, I want to point out the different commands/features concerning these tickets.

    First of all, we need to be able to open a new ticket. This can be done with the following command:

    /ticket open <message>
    Simply put whatever your ticket is about where it says <message> above. Alternatively, you can use the alias /modreq <message>.
    When making a new ticket, it is important to be as complete and clear as possible.

    When a ticket is closed, you will be notified in chat with a message:
    This message will show every 60 seconds until you read the ticket.

    To view the ticket and all comments added by staff, you can either click on the message or use the following command:

    /ticket read <id>

    This will print a message in your chat with all the information about the ticket.

    The command can be used at anytime so you will be able to have another look at the comments on a certain ticket if you would like to. The only thing you need to view your ticket is the id.

    But remembering which ticket has which id will become nearly impossible very soon. To help with that, you can easily look up all your past tickets using the following command:

    /ticket history

    This will give you a list of all tickets you created, including the corresponding id’s.

    To view a ticket of this list, you can either click on it or use /ticket read <id> like mentioned above.
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