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    Hello everybody!

    We once again have a small changelog for all the towny players! This time it features an update to our PvP plugin and changes related to that, changes to chat auctions (again) and a little something for our dedicated players who have reached or will reach the Deity rank. All changes will be effective after the next server restart as usual. If you have any questions and/or feedback, do not hesitate to leave a reply. :)

    • Updated the responsible plugin.
    • Removed spam kill protection, since it was mostly targeting players trying to farm heads (our rules remain unchanged though).
    • When you teleport to somebody, you now have PvP protection for 30 seconds.
    • Lowered the number of times that the anti-snipe is triggered back to 3.
    • Instead, the time added to the auction by the anti-snipe has been increased to 10 seconds (from 5 seconds), to give people more time to bid if they are interested.
    • The minimum increment for auctions is $10 now.
    Deity rank color:

    Since the release of T4 the new color for the deity rank has been debated. As all available colors are already present in other ranks and it would be difficult to find a color that everybody likes, we have decided to try something else. After the next restart, all players with the Deity rank will be able to choose one of nine unique color schemes for their rank, by using /rankcolor. Of course, they can change to different colors at any point (for a small fee). These are the currently available color schemes:
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    I still dont understand the reason for changing the chat auction. People just want the lowest price for an item so people don't bid in the first 50 seconds of the auction usually leading to people spamming /auc in the last 5 seconds. Increasing the anti-snipe time to 10 seconds wont help since the spam usually occures at the very last anti-snipe.

    Anti-snipe also doesnt rlly have a function because people can still and ARE still sniping at the very last second... just with the added benefit of spamming the chat.
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    deity color changes pog

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