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    Hello everybody!

    With this changelog, we will introduce a fancy, new plugin made by @Rubyo3000 ! It allows everybody to change the name color of our unique weapons, tools and armor! In addition, we updated our enchantment plugin, so many bugs will be fixed (and there will probably be new ones to find as well) XD

    Changing item colors:

    Our new item color plugin allows you to customize all our unique items, like the end-forged gear from the end crate or the tools from /tokenshop for the price of $10,000. I will give you a small example on how it works with the Sword of Shadows:


    As you can see above, there are three parts with different colors, the stars on both sides and the name itself. You can choose your preferred color of each part individually by using /itemcolor:


    The text shows you which part of the item name you are editing. By clicking one of the stained glass panes, you select the color and proceed to the next part of the item name. The Eye of Ender will reset the name to the default colors (which is free), the glass pane at the bottom will preserve the current color of that part and the barrier will cancel the process.

    The $10,000 will be withdrawn once you choose the final color:

    (Please don’t roast my choice of colors)


    We finally updated this plugin, which should fix many of the previously reported bugs (e.g. books from kits not dropping when the inventory was full or those unbreakable blocks caused by Lavawalker). However, despite being updated almost daily, this plugin seems to be a work-in-progress. Therefore, it is safe to assume that you will be able to find new issues, so please report anything you might find xD

    Additionally, bow enchantments will now only be triggered if the bow is fully drawn, to prevent spam with some effects.

    Other changes:
    • If a town has a percentual tax, rich players have to pay a maximum of $10,000 for that tax (already changed in the Towny 4.0.13 update)
    • Colors of the messages when PvP is enabled/disabled: Enabling PvP is now be green, disabling it is red.
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