Towny Build Competition – Results!

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    Thank you to everybody who participated in this very experimental Build Competition on Towny! As usual, choosing the winners was not an easy decision. :D

    With the release of this announcement, I will remove the protective regions, so you are free to continue working on your builds. We will also start handing out the prices. Since we can only give you the unique reward item to people who are online, please notify an admin when you are on. Please keep in mind, that the store coupons will be split evenly between all members of a team.

    Without further ado, these are the winners:

    1st place: Brightshade by Aerenia and Schoggiii (unique contest item + $90 store coupon each)

    2nd place: Netherlands by JelloTheRat, TheGreatBaal, 9ines6xtw2, madcarpenter and TheGreatKinger (unique contest item + $24 store coupon each)

    3rd place: Strider Temple by Marijke2382, Ultrabrain and LifeWithFantasy (unique contest item + $20 store coupon each)

    Thanks again to everyone who participated and who helped making this contest possible!

    Best of luck!
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