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[Towny] Further Optimizations and Updates

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Daphsquid, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Jan 13, 2017
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    Hello Players,

    So I've been on a little bit of an optimizing spree on Towny recently. To put that into more simpler terms, I've been looking for ways to make the server perform better, without decreasing the experience of playing on the server. I've changed many back-end settings and tweaked a bunch of mechanics on the server to help it perform when there is a large amount of players online. Some players had noticed that when the server had more than ~40 players online, there would be random lag spikes. This shouldn't occur anymore, but in the rare instance that it does, the lag should be much less noticeable.

    Furthermore, I've done quite a few updates to the server Jobs. We have many plans to help shape the server economy further, and these updates are just the beginning of those plans. Dragons Breath and Gunpowder have been added to the Brewer job. Also, Witches, Elder Guardians, and Zombies Villagers have been added to the Warrior job. We will be moving around the experience and money rewards from jobs in the coming weeks to fit our economy more appropriately and keep the Jobs more consistent with each other.
    Super big thanks for @sh1mrr4 and @Major_Graft for putting in many hours privately discussing and helping with these changes!

    Miscellaneous updates and changes:

    • Updated to the latest version of Spigot (finally!)
    • Spawners are now $30,000 to mine, instead of the original $20,000. XP requirement will remain 1,000.
    • Sugar cane has been added to Towny farm plots.
    • I've corrected a slight issue that some players with high Efficiency level pickaxes were experiencing, where some blocks would appear as stone for a split second after mining a block quickly.
    • The Fishing job experience payouts have been slightly bumped up.

    (All economic updates to the server are subject to change at any time. When we deem it necessary to make changes to the server economy to better fit our server, there will be announcements highlighting those updates.)

    Thank you,
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