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[Towny] LWC Changes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Daphsquid, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Jan 13, 2017
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    Hello Players,

    LWC has been causing quite a few issues recently on Towny. We believe that a large part of this issue is due to the extremely large amount of protections that have accumulated on the server in the past few months. With a database that large, there are bound to be lag issues.

    To try fixing this issue, we will be implementing a new system, effectively limiting the amount of total LWC protections a player can have to help with performance. The limits are as follows:

    • Default players: 150 total protections
    • Guardian rank: 300 total protections
    • Lord rank: 600 total protections
    • Benefactor (donation) rank: 1200 total protections
    (Just for reference, the average active player on Towny right now has 50-200 LWC protections, so for the majority of players, these limits shouldn't matter. We're only putting this system in place to prevent abusing LWC in a way that could decrease server performance.)

    Players who may have gone over their limit of protections before this was implemented will not lose their previous protections. They will simply have to remove old protections in order to make new ones. This issue should not be too widespread, since the limits are pretty generous already. You can use the /climits command to see how many protections you currently have vs. the amount you're allowed.

    Lastly, all Shulker Boxes should be auto-locked from now on. Due to some recent discoveries, we've figured a way to make this possible. Enjoy!

    Please report any issues!
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