Towny v.4.1.0 – The 1.16.5 Update

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    Hello everybody!

    As already announced, here is a more detailed log for the many things that changed with the 1.16.5 update! Please keep in mind, that some of these changes are quite significant, so we might adjust things depending on how everything plays out and the feedback we receive.

    • Addition of all 1.16-related blocks, items and mobs
    • A way to display a selection of hex colors: /hexcolors
    • A new namecolor command that supports hex colors: /namecolor <color>
    • Updated /trails with new effects and particles (e.g. wings)
    • A new resource nether world:
      • 8,000 x 8,000 blocks
      • Explosions are enabled
      • /fly is disabled
      • Accessible through /nether and /ntp
    • A new nether world for building:
      • 8,000 x 8,000 blocks
      • Claiming with Towny is enabled
      • /fly is disabled
      • Accessible through nether portals
    • Reset of The End world and Resource
    • /sell: Added all relevant new items and blocks
    • Crates/TreasureHunt/VoteParty: Upgraded special diamond items to netherite
    • MyPet: Added 1.16 mobs
    • Jobs and Quests:
    • Added new blocks, items and mobs (Netherworker, Farmer, Enchanter, Weaponsmith, Builder)
    • Replaced 21 old quests with new ones (mostly for Netherworker)
    • Adjusted the goals for MANY existing quests to be more appropriate for the respective rewards. Most quests will take longer to complete, some (e.g. killing witches) will be easier to finish.
    • Adjusted the overall job balancing to make jobs that require constant attention more rewarding:
      • Miner: + 10% income, - 10% experience
      • Digger: + 10% income, -20% experience
      • Hunter: -25% income from zombies/skeletons/creepers (due to new mob farms)
      • Chef: -40% income for cooking spawner-related meat (e.g. porkchop, steak, chicken), added (small) reward for crafting sugar
      • Fisherman: -15% income
      • Brewer: + 100% experience
      • Enchanter: - 30% experience
      • Netherworker: -35% income and - 50% experience from killing the Wither/Wither Skeletons
    • Towny:
      • Added bone meal and bee hives to farm plots
      • Reduced number of required residents to join a nation to 3
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