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    Hello Players,

    Every so often we like to provide you all with a feedback form. These forms help us understand how our community feels about the updates and servers that we are providing and heavily influences future updates.

    Since Towny v3.0 has been online for nearly a year, we are looking for your feedback and general thoughts on how this server delivered in terms of features and improvements from previous Towny servers throughout this time. Some of the questions on this form may take a while to properly answer, so we recommend taking your time and answering them with as much detail and insight as you can.

    We believe that everyone in our community should have an equal voice to share their thoughts/critiques/suggestions, so our administrative team will be reading every single response to this form.

    **Please keep in mind that this form will require you to login to Google, however, we are NOT collecting emails. The login requirement is purely for the sake of minimizing spam and low-quality responses. If you wish for your response to remain anonymous, please leave the "What is your Minecraft username?" question blank and proceed as normal.

    Towny v3.0 Feedback Form:
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