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    Hey everybody,

    It is time again for the list of adjustments and changes we did during the last week. To keep better track of the number of changes since the start, we decided to update the towny version number on the forums for each patch now: Towny v4.0.6
    • First number: #th iteration of the towny server. Only changes with a full reset.
    • Second number: Is increased when significant new game elements are added or for very large patches.
    • Third number: Counts the number of smaller patches and adjustments since the last major update (like the weekly ones).
    Without further delay, I'd like to proceed with the changes of this week. Some of these changes (e.g. TreasureHunt will be effective/implemented with the next server restart. Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions!

    Changes to the TreasureHunt:
    • The radius of the world border will be reduced by 50 blocks (overall the available area will decrease by about 21%)
    • Some of the worse rewards have been removed from the reward crates (leather, redstone, string, feather and bones)
    • The number of crates per round has been increased to 15 (from 12)

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a broken quest for Netherworker and one for Chef
    • Fixed that the cooldown of certain commands was not displayed correctly
    • To avoid an issue with quest resets, new quests are handed out now with the daily server restart at 6 am GMT
    • Fixed warps not being aborted by moving/taking damage during the warm-up
    • Fixed the Donator Chat not working

    • The vote party limit in the store has been changed to 2 per day (from 7 per week).
    • ChatReaction – Words are now always scrambled
    • ChatReaction – Added 50 new words
    • Further reduced Jobs pay and experience for killing most mobs (about 30% of the pay and 50% of the experience)
    • Reduced the maximum level for Enchanter and Brewer to 100 (from 200)
    • The FarmLimiter will now remove tamed mobs as well, if there are too many in a small area. Named mobs are still safe.

    Reported Bugs + Status
    • The Wither does not damage animals (reported to the dev)
    • Books and other items from kits do not drop, if the inventory is full (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • Lavawalker makes blocks unbreakable in certain situations (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • Cornflowers do not give double drops from McMMO (this issue has already been reported to the devs. In March…)
    • Autorefill deletes items in certain situations (the last update only partially fixed the issue, waiting for the next one now)
    • /jobs browse shows exactly $1 more for everything (should be fixed in the next plugin update)
    • Completed quests can be skipped to get new ones (reported to the dev)
    • Stacked spawners sometimes spawn mobs in blocks (I contacted the developer, but I suspect it might be for performance reasons. For now, I would suggest to adjust your grinders accordingly – e.g. cow spawners work as intended, if you place them on top of the grass layer instead of next to it)
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