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    Hello everybody,

    This week there are mostly a few bug fixes. Since we updated our anti-cheat-plugin for that, there is always a chance of having new issues. If you find that some old/new problems concerning movement and the like, please report it to staff so we can forward it to the developer. Have a great weekend!

    I'd also like to mention our Towny Flash Sale. Until 2020/08/31 midnight UTC all in-game perks like crate keys and money are 15% off!

    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to skip finished quests (after the next restart, you will be able to skip one quest per day again)
    • /jobs browse should now display the correct income again
    • Anti-cheat-related fixes:
      • Set-back when leaving water-logged blocks in certain situations
      • Blocks not being accessible through other blocks (like hoppers or stairs)
      • Other block related issues
      • Walking into chorus plants
      • Swimming up&down kelp
      • Boats kicking players out client-sided
      • Mining pistons with efficiency tools

    Reported Bugs + Status
    • The Wither does not damage animals (reported to the dev)
    • Books and other items from kits do not drop, if the inventory is full (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • Lavawalker makes blocks unbreakable in certain situations (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • Cornflowers do not give double drops from McMMO (this issue has already been reported to the devs. In March…)
    • Autorefill deletes items in certain situations (should be fixed in the next plugin update)
    • Stacked spawners sometimes spawn mobs in blocks (I contacted the developer, but I suspect it might be for performance reasons. For now, I would suggest to adjust your grinders accordingly – e.g. cow spawners work as intended, if you place them on top of the grass layer instead of next to it)
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