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    Hey everybody,

    It is once again time to summarize all the changes from the last two weeks. This time I added a separate category for issues that probably will not be fixed in the foreseeable future, so I do not have to mention them in every changelog:

    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed an issue with the Paladin prefix
    • Our spam protection now doesn't prevent players from joining a server anymore after being kicked for spamming.
    • LWC keys can now be bought from /tokenshop again
    • Fixed that some TH rewards were heavily favored over others
    • /cpersist now does not repeat the last command once more after being toggled off

    • Added Merchant level 2+3 enchantment (the cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds for each additional level)
    • Inquisitive and Master Inquisitive now have a cooldown again (one second). This should prevent them from reducing the gained experience below vanilla levels in grinders. Once the underlying bug has been fixed, this change will be reverted.
    • Everybody should have access to /exp now
    • Removed pumpkin/melon stems from towny farm plots
    • Towny commands such as /t spawn can now be used in the TH world as well
    • New command: /cdisplay (allows players to view chests, but not take/add anything)
    • New command: /cnolock (disables automatic container protection temporarily)

    Reported Bugs + Status
    • The Wither does not damage animals (reported to the dev)
    • Books and other items from kits do not drop, if the inventory is full (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • Lavawalker makes blocks unbreakable in certain situations (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • (Master) Inquisitive only gives XP for one mob when killing multiple mobs at once (reported to the dev)
    • Autorefill deletes items in certain situations (should be fixed in the next plugin update)
    • Doors that are part of a double door locked by /cpublic can be opened partially in protected regions (reported to the dev)

    Things that will (most likely) not be fixed anytime soon:
    • Stacked spawners sometimes spawn mobs in blocks (The developer told me to enable mob stacking, which is something I do not want to do, as it caused issues with other plugins when I tested it and we do not need performance that badly. You can still work around it, e.g. spawners that depend on grass seem to work properly if placed on top of the grass.)
    • Cornflowers do not give double drops from McMMO (this issue has already been reported to the devs. In March…)
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