Towny v4.0.9 Bug fixes and other changes

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    Hello everyone,

    Here are the main changes of the last week. Unfortunately there are no major bug fixes since the respective developers seem to take their time, however, we have a few nice quality of life improvements for you (after the next restart)!

    • Disabled rain in the spawn area
    • When purchasing the Silk Spawners ability in /tokenshop, there will now be messages in the action bar that tell how much time is left (every 15 seconds)
    • Removed Flame from the "Bow of Blinding Light" in /tokenshop
    • Replaced Fire Aspect II with Unbreaking III of the "Sword of Shadows" from /tokenshop
    • Increased the time after which players will be marked as AFK to 10 minutes (they will still be kicked after 30 minutes)
    • Fixed an issue that the AntiAdvertiser would ignore certain types of Discord links
    • /rankperks is now more colorful (the colors match the respective ranks)
    • Some minor spelling fixes for quests
    • Quests now are color-coded according to their Tier:

    Reported Bugs + Status
    • The Wither does not damage animals (reported to the dev)
    • Books and other items from kits do not drop if the inventory is full (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • Lavawalker makes blocks unbreakable in certain situations (fixed in the current preview, waiting for the stable release)
    • (Master) Inquisitive only gives XP for one mob when killing multiple mobs at once (reported to the dev)
    • Autorefill deletes items in certain situations (should be fixed in the next plugin update)
    • Doors that are part of a double door locked by /cpublic can be opened partially in protected regions (reported to the dev)
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