Towny v4.0 Adjustments and Bug fixes 2

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    Hey everybody,

    Here is the latest list of changes and bug fixes for the towny server:
    • Fixed an issue that would count color codes to the charackter limit of /nickname
    • Fixed pumkins not paying money for the farmer job
    • Incresed the height of all crate holograms by 0.25 blocks
    • Updated all in game info regarding the level requirements for quests
    • Removed villagers from /petshop
    • Slightly reduced rewards for nether mobs (to be more consistent with increased spawn rates)
    • Added /tpacancel back
    • Reduced McMMO experience rewards for mining and repair substantially
    • /weather can now only be used in the resource world
    • The Lottery draw is now at a time where more players can be online
    • Fixed staff members not being able to start chat auctions
    Feel free to leave a reply if you have suggestions or feedback.
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