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    Hello everybody,

    It once again time for the weekly T4 changelog :D. This time we will only feature a few adjustments and fixes, but due to public demand I'll add the current status on some of the known bugs and issues as well. This does not include bugs that still require further investigation (since additional reports help us to pin those down) or exploits that might still be relevant in some way. As usual, feel free to leave a reply if you have any issues, feedback or suggestions :)

    Bug fixes and adjustments:
    • The display range of tile-entities was increased from 16 to 32 blocks (this includes end crystals, so it should now be easier to see them from a distance). Please report if you experience FPS drops in busy places like the marketplace.
    • All coupons (e.g. the $100 from the vote crate or the 6-hours /fly coupon) now have to be clicked twice to be activated. This prevents them from being activated randomly by the vote crate (or on accident by a player ;)).
    • Fixed an issue that it was not possible to abort /t spawn by moving
    • Farmer: The money rewards for planting crops have been doubled
    • Builder: Smooth Stone Slabs have been added to the job
    • Miner: Reduced pay for breaking ice blocks

    Known Bugs + Status
    • The Wither does not damage animals (reported to the dev)
    • Books and other items from kits do not drop if the inventory is full (reported to the dev)
    • Autorefill deletes items in certain situations (should be fixed in the next plugin update)
    • /jobs browse shows exactly $1 more for everything (should be fixed in the next plugin update)
    • Completed quests can be skipped to get new ones (reported to the dev)
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