Towny v4.0 Adjustments and Bug fixes

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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry that this changelog got delayed a bit, I have done not much aside from working and working on the server the last few weeks, and still there was so much to do, that I didn't manage to write everything down properly yesterday. So here is the current list of the most recent changes and fixes, one or two things might be missing though. Don't hesitate to leave feedback beneath this thread, as I didn't have time to play myself yet, your feedback is even more important :)

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed /back not working correctly for teleportations (it should work like in T3 again now)
    • Disabled quest skipping for now (due to a bug that has to be fixed by the dev)
    • Fixed obsidian in the vote crate giving stone instead
    • Fixed the towny /deny command being overridden by another plugin
    • Fixed Creeper explosion not causing player damage
    • Fixed an issue where server physics would be disabled when the TPS were too low
    • Fixed the /msg command not working
    • Corrected some items in the vote crate with the wrong name
    • Fixed a bug with /xpbank hat would lead to false amounts of XP being deposited
    • Fixed /prefixcolor not working


    • Added permissions to teleport to all shops now (/arm tp)
    • You can now use /as for /arm as well
    • Added seeds, beetroot seeds, sweet berries and bamboo to /sell
    • Reduced the jobs rewards for sweet berries and bamboo (apparently that stuff grows quickly)
    • Added smooth stone to Builder
    • Due to the much higher mob spawn rates, XP rewards (not money) for killing many mobs have been lowered
    • Lowered money rewards for pillagers (and the other new related mobs)
    • Adjusted money and XP rewards for the weaponsmith job to be more consistent with the McMMO Salvage skill and new shop prices
    • Updated the holograms at the playershops
    • The ThreasureHunt now lasts two minutes longer
    • Increased the level requirements for quests (in game messages will be updated with the next restart)
      • Tier 1 quest: level 14 - 44
      • Tier 2 quest: level 30 - 59
      • Tier 3 quest: level 45 - 100
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