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    Hello everybody!

    It is time for the first (little) feature update with some cool stuff for Benefactor and normal players. Along with that, there are several important adjustments to the global difficulty and jobs. Let us know what you think about it or if you have any other suggestions! Please keep in mind, that most of these changes will only be effective after the next server restart. :D

    New Features:
    • Do you need a rest? Now you can sit down anywhere, simply by using /gsit
    • Benefactor+ players have now the ability to disable phantom spawn: /togglephantoms
    • The difficulty has been increased from Easy to Normal
    • To make up for that, spawn rates have been reduced slightly
    • The McMMO experience multipliers for Benecfactor/Cosmos have been reduced to 150% / 200% from 200% / 300% (they get /togglephantoms in exchange)
    • Barrels can now be used as chestshops
    • The XP for the Builder job has been increased by 100%
    • The /jobs limit has been increased by 5k
    • Removed rewards for killing Ghasts from Hunter
    • The rewards for killing monsters have been reduced by about 20% (due to the way higher spawn rates in T4 compared to T3)
    • Placing Chests and Brewing potions have been removed from the Achievements
    • Reduced McMMO experience for killing Pigmen
    • Jobs level-ups are now only broadcasted for every fifth level
    • The frequency of the farm limiter has been reduced by 50% to counter message spam
    • Farm limiter messages will now only be displayed, if 25 mobs or more have been removed.
    • Kills in PvP do not take your money anymore
    • Fixed an issue with /back, that would allow you to enter the TH world without PvP on
    • Unclaiming a plot will not remove blocks like torches or redstone anymore
    • Fixed in issue that would display a player's town tag instead of their rank when hovering over their name in chat

    Best of Luck!

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