Towny v4.1.2 Resource world resets + LWCtrust

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    Hello everybody!

    Since we reset two of our resource world just now, we used the opportunity to add a new handy plugin and to update a few things! Here is a list of all relevant changes:

    • Reset of the End World and the Resource World
    • New plugin: LWCtrust
      • With this new plugin, you can add a player you trust to all your chests and other locked items with a single command!
      • /trust add <name> - adds a player to your list of trusted players
      • /trust remove <name> - removes a player from your list of trusted players
      • /trust list – displays a list of all players you added
    • Updated our enchantment plugin:
      • This should fix a number of smaller bugs related to enchantments, most notably CEs being removed from an item when a grindstone was used. Since updates to this plugin tend to introduce new bugs, please report anything you find.
    Best of luck!
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