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    Hi everyone,

    It's been 2 weeks now since the release of Towny v5.0. We are very happy with the numerous players that already joined our server, and we would like to thank you all for the amazing feedback so far.

    We have been busy working on fixing a lot of bugs and issues on the server. Some have been resolved, others still require more work to find an appropriate solution. Through this post, we would like inform you about all changes that have been made so far and the status on the remaining bugs.

    Similar to the changelogs of our previous Towny server, we will be updating the Towny version number on the forums to keep better track of the number of changes since the start: Towny v5.0.1.
    • First number: #th iteration of the Towny server. Only changes with a full reset.
    • Second number: Is increased when significant new game elements are added or for very large patches.
    • Third number: Counts the number of smaller patches and adjustments since the last major update (like the weekly ones).
    Here is our first changelog since the release of Towny v5.0. Since these changes have been made throughout the past few days since the release, all patches are already implemented on the server. Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the chunk loading issue, present on the first day of the release.
    • Fixed /townyfly disabling fly outside of your town when you have global fly permissions.
    • Fixed issues with some VoteParty crates not giving a reward.
    • Fixed all issues with the different Towny boosters, available in the SK store.
    • Fixed the /party command not working for the McMMO party feature.
    • Fixed players not being able to use the '/t list by <selection>' command.
    • Fixed fly safe login not working sometimes.
    • Fixed Enchanted books from TreasureHunt crates not working.
    • Fixed Sweet Berries not paying with the Farmer job.
    • Fixed some explosions not being disabled in the nether.
    • Fixed the blackscroll reward from TreasureHunt crates not being given.
    • Fixed auto enabling PvP when you get hit in the main world.
    • Fixed the donator chat messages appearing twice in chat.
    • Fixed the Towny portal in Lobby not working.
    • Fixed shops in the marketplace in spawn deleting the interior of the shop once the bought duration ended.
    • Fixed helmet getting replaced by a carved pumpkin when building an iron golem.
    • Fixed trading GUI getting sorted when trading with a stick in your main hand.
    • Reduced experience gain from mining deepslate ores to be consistent with the non-deepslate variants.
    • Removed the strict limitations for the amount of entities (heads, signs, item frames, ...) per chunk as they were too limiting for Towny. Changed back to the limitations of Towny v4.1. These limitations are:
      • 50 item frames per chunk
      • 15 hoppers per chunk
      • 5 droppers per chunk
      • 5 dispensers per chunk
    • Changed the VoteParty line in the scoreboard from '234/1000' to '234 votes left' to avoid confusion.
    • Changes the TreasureHunt countdown line in the scoreboard to display 'Join now!' instead of the remaining time of the game to avoid confusion.
    • Removed /ntp as there is no resource nether world.
    • Lowered the chance of getting a TreasureHunt flare out of a TreasureHunt crate or the VoteParty crate to make the item less common.
    • Added /spin, /bellyflop, /crawl and /lay for everybody.
    • Added /hexcolours as an alias for /hexcolors.

    In addition, minor formatting/spelling errors were resolved aswel.

    Reported Bugs + Status:
    • 'No Permission' messages while using armorstand tools. (needs more investigation to find the cause)
    • The /boosters auto command makes every afk player come back. (we are looking into different ways to fix this issue)
    • Multiple kicking issues on a 1.19 client. (We advise playing on a 1.18 client while we wait for an update of ViaVersion)

    Due to a change in the lore of both the BlockTrak and the MobTrak items, any of these track items obtained before the 15th of June will no longer work. Please contact an admin to replace any of those broken track items!

    This marks the end of the first changelog. Thank you to everyone who reported any bugs or issues so far!

    See you soon in the next changelog ;)
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