Towny Towny v5.0.2 Adjustments and Bug fixes

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    Hello everyone,

    Last week we posted a big changelog, informing you about all adjustments and bug fixes since the release of Towny v5.0. During this past week, a number of other bug fixes and additions were made. In this post, I would like to share these changes and provide you with the latest status on the still ongoing issues.

    Like in the previous changelog, all changes listed below have been implemented over the course of last week and will therefor already be implemented on the server. Please leave a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Disabled McMMO abilities in the PvP arena now to avoid certain skills from working around the keep inventory, active in the arena.
    • Fixed issue with endermen from spawners teleporting away when hurt.
    • Fixed 50% vanilla xp boost not working properly
    • Fixed items with a max stack size of 1 being able to stack if identical
    • Fixed permissions for the commands '/t online' and '/n online' by default
    • Fixed a few broken quests.
    • Fixed not being able to put White Scrolls on fishing rods.
    • Added /kit bed. Can be used once every 6 hours (similar to /kit boat).
    • Added a small ping sound when your name is mentioned in chat. (Added both on Towny and Creative)
    • Added information about Wildstacker to the tutorial room.
    Reported Bugs + Status:
    • 'No Permission' messages while using armorstand tools. (needs more investigation to find the cause)
    • The /boosters auto command makes every afk player come back. (we are looking into different ways to fix this issue)
    • Multiple kicking issues on a 1.19 client. (We advise playing on a 1.18 client while we wait for an update of ViaVersion)
    • Auction waitlist gets cleared on a server restart without giving the owners their items back. (Reported to the developer. They are currently working on a rewrite of the plugin so a fix might be a bit away. In the mean time we ask you to avoid starting auctions right before server restarts)
    • Votes only rewarding on the server you were online while voting. (We had to change this in the past for performance issues. However, we are currently working on a fix to bring back vote rewards on all servers)
    Big shout out to everyone who reports bugs or issues! You are very much appreciated :)

    See you soon in the next changelog!
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