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    Hi everyone,

    Since it is often not clear which permissions the individual town/nation ranks have, this post lists all of them with a short summary of their permissions. The mayors/kings have access to all town/nation commands, of course.

    Town rank permissions:


    • Claim and unclaim plots
    • Change plot permissions and properties (e.g. mob spawn and fire) on their plots
    • Check who in the town is online
    • Leave the town
    • Deposit money
    • Teleport to the town spawn
    • Use the town chat
    • Everything from Resident
    • Permission to switch in the entire town (e.g. levers, buttons, pressure plates)
    • Add players to the town
    • Everything from Helper
    • Exempt from taxes
    • Claim land for the town
    • Change plot permissions and properties on all plots
    • Toggle the town public or private
    • Can promote/demote residents to Helper
    Note: Since a Manager has a lot of power in your town, you should give this rank only to players that you trust! If this is not the case, consider making them e.g. Assistant + Builder instead.
    • Everything from Assistant
    • Access to /towny top [residents/land]
    • Can promote/demote any member to any town rank
    • Change town-wide permissions and properties
    • Change taxes
    • Build/destroy everywhere within the town
    • Kick residents from the town
    • Withdraw money from the town bank
    • Unclaim land claimed by the town
    • Can outlaw players
    • Create/join/leave a nation
    Note: This rank provides players with building permissions in your town without any other permissions. It can be combined with other ranks to create the desired combination.
    • Build/destroy everywhere within the town

    Nation rank permissions

    • Access to the nation chat
    • Check who is online in the nation
    • Deposit money into the nations bank
    • Teleport to the nation spawn
    • Teleport to ally town spawns
    • Everything from Citizen
    • Add towns to the nation
    • Everything from Helper
    • Promote Citizen to Helpers
    • Add other nations as allies
    • Kick towns from the nation
    • Add money to the bank of nation towns
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