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    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, we released the brand new update, Towny v5.1! This update brought some cool new stuff, as well as some background changes that were necessary. In this post, I want to point out all the changes that were made in Towny v5.1.

    Nether Resource World

    It's back baby! Gather your needed Nether resources now in a separate world, dedicated to the gathering/destruction of resources and biomes. Meanwhile, the main Nether World is kept safe from resets and any major destructions. To get to the Nether Resource World, simply use the commands /ntp. It will teleport you to a random location in the Nether Resource World, similar to the already existing /resource command. Aliases for this command are: /resourcenether, /netherresources, /rwn & /resourceworldnether.

    Reset of the End and Resource Worlds

    Both the End World and the Resource World have been reset to new worlds filled with resources and danger! Be sure to concur your fears and get some new resources!

    New Trophies for those who reach level 100 of a job

    Reaching level 100 of a job is a great achievement and will from now on be rewarded with a special item of Honor! This item will be dedicated to you personally and should therefor be handled with great care and pride! This brings the brand new 'Honor Collection' special items collection to the game. We wish everyone who aspires to get an item of Honor the best of luck! Will you gather them all?


    Towny Dynamic Map

    A dynamic map of the whole Main Towny World will be added to the game! On this map, you will be able to track any updates on builds in the world, the whereabouts of your fellow players and so much more! (Due to issues with the generation of this dynamic map during the update, the map is not yet available. We estimate the map to be ready later today or at the latest tomorrow.) This map is now available and can be found here.
    Alternatively, you can use the in game command /map to get a link to the dynamic map.

    Towny v4.1 world download

    As Towny v5 has been released for 3 months now already, it's a good time to think back a little to the server we put to rest back then, Towny v4.1. Today, as this marks the exact 3 months since the release of Towny v5.0, we are adding the Towny v4.1 Main World to the list of downloadable worlds! The world download (will be available later today) is currently available and can be found here.

    Additional Changes

    During this update and over the course of this summer, numerous little bugfixes, additions and changes were made to the server. Here is a list of the most notable ones:

    Bug Fixes:
    • Reduction of the amount of daily votes needed to reach the weekly and monthly voting goals due to issues with some of the voting websites. Reduction from 5 daily votes to 4 daily votes.
    • Changed the difficulty of the main world and the resource world from 'Easy' to 'Normal'.
    • Reduction in the job rewards for killing ghasts and brewing with ghast tears to balance their rewards with the other jobs.
    • Reduction of the cost to create a sign shop from $250 to $100.
    • Moved the location of the marketplace warp outside of the marketplace fly region to avoid issues with the Towny Fly feature interfering.
    • Addition of the Magical book as a reward for 4 daily votes.
    • Added the word 'playerlist' in the chatreaction game.
    • Added the /near command to the list of blocked commands in the TH world.
    • Added moss block to the Digger job.
    • Added alias /bst for /boosters
    • Addition of achievements for breaking deepslate.

    New Towny booster soon

    In addition to all these changes, I'm happy to inform you all that a new Towny booster will be added to the store very soon! What this new booster includes and how it will look like is still a secret though. Be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements. ;)

    With that all said, you are now fully up to date with the newest update. We wish you all the best of luck and enjoyment on Towny v5.1!
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    Oh no... new collectibles...
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    guess you'll have to grind now :p

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