Towny v5.1 Update coming on September 9th

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    Hello everyone!

    Almost 3 months ago, Towny v5.0 was released, bringing you a new and improved Towny server with lots of new features and challenges. Since then, we have been actively working on fixing issues, implementing suggestions and bringing smaller changes to make the experience for the players even better.

    As some of you may have noticed, this slowed down a bit during the summer due to diverse summer plans of the staff. However, with summer coming to a close, we are determined to turn this around and provide fun events and updates throughout the next couple of months!

    Today, I'm happy to announce that the Towny v5.1 update is coming on Friday, September 9th! It will include some major additions:

    Nether Resource World

    In addition to the current Nether world, a Nether Resource world will be added to the game. Much like the current Resource world, the Nether Resource world will be dedicated to the gathering/destruction of Nether resources. This will allow players to use the current Nether world as a place to build and claim land.
    Many of you guys suggested the addition of a Nether Resource world, which is the number one reason for this change! ;)

    Towny Dynamic Map

    You heard it right! A dynamic map of the Towny world will be available after this update! More information on how exactly this will look and what it will entail will follow next week.

    Reset of the End and Resource Worlds
    And last but not least, we decided to reset both the End and Resource worlds to provide you all with 2 additional new worlds to loot and explore!

    If you still have anything of value in either of these worlds, make sure to grab it BEFORE that Friday!

    To make this whole update possible, we will need to take the server offline for about 2 hours. The server will be taken offline on Friday, September 9th at 4pm GMT. Towny v5.1 should be ready for release at 6pm GMT!

    A number of smaller, additional changes (both in the foreground and in the background) will be made during this time as well. These will be listed in a changelog afterwards.

    Hope to see you all there!
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