Towny Winter Event 20/21

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    Hello everybody!

    We are happy to announce a new event for Towny to run at the same time as the Creative Build Contest! During past events, you were able to get special items by donating. However, this time you can unlock your rewards, including a personalized item, by completing a number of frosty tasks between now and January the 3rd!

    First of all, here is the list of all objectives. You can get that list in-game by using /winter:
    • Place 2000 blocks of snow
    • Place 2000 spruce logs
    • Place 2500 lanterns
    • Break 2000 packed ice blocks
    • Break 5000 cocoa beans
    • Break 7500 layers of snow
    • Kill 100 strays
    • Craft 250 cakes
    • Craft 500 firework charges
    • Craft 5000 cookies
    Completing each task will award you with a personalized WinterToken. They will only work for the player who obtained them, so trading is not possible*.

    Once you have at least 8 of them, you can use them in /winterprize to claim the final reward. This reward consists of a shulker box containing these items:


    And on top of that, you will get your very own Festive Sweater. Since we were not able to decide on a color, you can choose which one you prefer ;)


    Each one comes with a personalized name and lore:


    If you have any questions or feedback regarding this event, do not hesitate to leave a reply.

    We hope you all have the best holidays possible during times like this!

    - The SK Staff

    *This also means, that changing your in-game name will prevent them from working. In that case you can contact an admin to trade you working ones.
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    thats such a sweet idea:)
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    Cool! :D
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