Towny World Resets - Coming December the 14th!

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    EDIT: The world resets are now complete! Enjoy!

    Hello everybody!

    Now, as the days are getting shorter, the weather colder and the year is nearing its end (unless you live in Australia or something :p ), we have decided to reset all of the resource worlds on our Towny server. So, prepare to loot all the new end cities and nether fortresses on December the 14th at 11AM EST! If you still have anything of value in the old worlds like unmined spawners or other items, make sure to grab it soon!

    Worlds that will be reset:

    • The End
    • Resource World
    • The Nether

    As a small addition we will increase the /rtp range as well, so that you won’t be teleported into somebody’s base or town as often anymore.

    *Please note, that the server will be down for a few minutes to avoid any possible issues, while we replace the old worlds.

    We will NOT reset the main world or any other possessions, ranks, levels or towns.

    Best of luck!
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    I am not ready for this~ but excited

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