Creative Update to group builds!

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    Hello everybody,

    Since it has been requested many times, we changed the way group builds count towards your submission limit. From now on, being part of a group build, will only take a fraction of your total build submissions, depending on how many players contributed. Just like the build points, the single build submission cost will be distributed equally!

    Point distribution and build submission cost:

    • 1 Builder: 100% of the points, 1 build submission
    • 2 Builders: 50% of the points, 0.5 build submissions each
    • 3 Builders: 33% of the points, 0.33 build submissions each
    • 4 Builders: 25% of the points, 0.25 build submissions each
    • 5 Builders: 20% of the points, 0.20 build submissions each
    If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions regarding this change, do not hesitate to leave a reply. :D
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