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    Hello everyone!

    As promised in our Towny v5.0 announcement, we are going to present all the changes to our donation ranks and perks with this post. The store will open again with the release of the new Towny server on the 10th of June. For the creative players: The creative donation rank perks will not be affected.

    What is the aim of this change?

    With this update we want to make our ranks and donations more compatible with the Minecraft EULA (end-user license agreement). For those who do not know what it is about: It essentially tells users and server owners what they are allowed to do and what not. When it comes to donations, this means anything that gives players a competitive advantage or makes it easier to climb certain ranking leaderboards is problematic. Before anybody wonders, we did not have any issues with Mojang or anything since we are only a relatively small network.

    However, we think it would benefit us in the long run to level the playing field between donators and non-donators. In terms of donation perks, this meant we had to restructure all our donation ranks, find new places for perks that are too powerful or reduce the advantage they provide in some way. We think that unlocking certain things earlier than other players or certain commands for convenience (like /condense) are fine, though. Of course, this also means that some things like directly obtaining in-game money through the store will not be possible anymore.

    How do we plan to get enough money to pay for the server?

    Since the donation ranks are going to lose quite a few of their advantages and some of their overall importance, we have decided to lower prices of all donation ranks by 50% and remove the “Donator” rank (all “Donators” will be able to upgrade to “Sponsor” for free). Instead of ranks we want to focus on “Boosters” that benefit everybody on the server, similar to the global /fly or instant vote party we already had in the past. Without further ado, this will be the new donation rank perks (please keep in mind that things can always be adjusted if necessary):


    The new global boosters:
    • Flight (/fly for 12 hours): $9.99
    • Speed (/speed 1-5 for 6 hours): $9.99
    • Experience (50% McMMO and vanilla experience gain for 6 hours): $9.99
    • Dragon Slayer (keepinventory, /hunger, /breathe, /falldamage, /nightvision, /ptime, /pweather for 3 hours): $9.99
    • Instant Vote Party: $14.99

    What happened to all the missing/moved perks?

    We are aware that some donation perks will be dearly missed, so we tried to compensate for the most important ones at least partially, which will benefit all players. For everybody interested, here is a list with all our thoughts regarding changed/removed perks and what was done to make up for the loss:
    • Keep backpack on death: This perk is now available to everybody who has access to /backpack by default.
    • Kits: Free CEs/money/items every 48 hours was too much of an advantage to keep. At the same time, we felt that essentially free money for running a command doesn’t really sit well with the in-game ranking ladder either. Since this is likely to have quite the impact on the CE economy, we decided to lower the XP requirements for Legendary and Mythical CEs (to 80 and 100 levels respectively, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but means they are 25%/35% cheaper).
    • Permanent access to /fly: /fly is an incredibly powerful perk that makes many things like earning money a lot easier, which is why we decided against keeping it as a donation perk. We know that for many, it is a crucial tool for building though, so we added /townyfly to one of the lower ranks of the ranking ladder (Guardian). This command works like /fly, but is limited to your town borders. Of course, you can still obtain general /fly from the tokenshop or crates for a limited duration or through the general /fly booster from the donation store.
    • /weather (whole world): We already had to restrict this command to only work in the resource world, as it was used mostly used to boost fishing with the drawback that the weather was set to rain all the time. Therefore, we think that this rework to donation ranks is a good opportuinity to let it go for good.
    • Joining extra jobs: We have decided to keep this a donation perk, because the advantages it gives will be somewhat mitigated by our intended changes to jobs/quests. Essentially, quests will be less important, so having access to additional quests from extra jobs won’t be such a huge advantage anymore. Additionally, we lowered the penalty for leaving a job to 20% of the levels (from 50%), so even with fewer available jobs, swapping them out when necessary, will be much more feasible.
    • McMMO experience bonus: We felt like this perk isn’t too essential, you can still boost your McMMO experience with a new item form our tokenshop or the general experience booster from the store.
    • /speed: This perk can be very powerful, but is probably not as essential as /fly, so it will be only available from the donation store as a general booster from now on.
    • Homes: We think that having many homes is not an issue, but more of a convenience feature. So, the only change here is that the maximum number of obtainable homes will be lowered a bit to match the in-game ranking ladder.

    Closing remarks:

    We hope that the loss of the listed perks will be bearable for all our donators. As already mentioned, we hope that this change will make the server fairer and more fun for all our players and result in a more cooperative and supportive environment. That being said, these are big changes for all of us, so it is very likely that there will be adjustments to certain things like the boosters later on, depending on the feedback we get from you ;).

    Best of luck!
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    Well, guess I'm not gonna be getting /townyfly :p
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    dunno bout this yall

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