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    Hi, I'm back,
    First of all, I'd like to mention that we found a solution for Aqualore, this being me stepping down from Mayor to Manager while passing on the role of Mayor to rykxrr and furthermore raising town taxes to intentionally kick multiple players and decrease the size of the town, bring less attention to it and making life a lot easier.

    Next, I'd like to mention that the Shadow Kingdom Discord Server has now got 16 members Nitro Boosting it! That means the server is in Level 2 of Nitro Boosting which gives us a total of 150 emojis. I've been wanting to draw a set of unique emojis, perhaps one for each staff member and a few inside joke emojis to bring the community together. I'd like to hear suggestions from members for what I could draw or animate for emojis to use on our server.

    See you,
    - FN

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