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    Hello everybody,

    This time we have a few changes to the formatting of certain messages, chat colors and other functions, both on towny and creative. Please note, that some of these changes will only be effective after the next restart on the respective server:

    Both Servers:
    • The color of the donator chat has been changed to "dark aqua".
    • You can now hover over the name of players in chat to see their "real" name, if they changed their nickname.
    • Fixed an issue that using /whisper and /tell would falsely trigger the spam protection.
    • The spam protection should now be less strict when it comes to longer messages
    • Changed the lines in most announcements to be a bit smoother (the upper one is the new one):[​IMG]

    • Added a warning to "Silk spawners for 60 seconds!" in /tokenshop to point out, that Silk Touch is required.
    • Fixed an issue with the description of the quest "Sweet Harvest".
    • Using /help now redirects to /faq.
    • You can now use /j instead of /jobs for commands (e.g. /j stats).
    • /tokenshop can now be used with /tshop as well.
    • You can view the sign formatting for ChestShops now with /chestshop.
    • Added messages for /chestshop, /gsit and sorting chests (with a stick) to the regular broadcasts.
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