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    Hello, everyone!

    As already mentioned in the thread title, we updated our towny and McMMO plugins, which fixes a lot of issues and adds quite a few new features as well. I will summarize the most relavant changes in this post. As usual, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a reply beneath this post:

    New commands:
    • /resident friend list - Lists all friends of yours/a player.
    • New possibilities to list towns:
      • /t list by name - Order towns alphabetically.
      • /t list by resident - Order towns by their residents.
      • /t list by balance - Order towns by their wealth.
      • /t list by townblocks - Order towns by the number of claimed plots.
      • /t list by online - Order towns by the number of online players.
      • /t list by open - Displays "open" towns first.
    • /nation merge {nationname} - Merges two nations (has to be accepted by the other nations leader).
    • /n townlist (nation) - Lists all towns in a nation.
    • /n toggle open & /n join {nation} - Allows towns to join a nation without an invite.
    • /n deposit {amount} {townname} - allows nation assistants and kings to deposit money in towns belonging to that nation.
    • /plot set outpost - Converts a normal plot to an outpost (costs 15k).
    Changes to plot (and town) permissions (/plot perm):
    • On player-owned plots the perm line now has Town added to it.
      • Build/Destroy/Switch/ItemUse can be set for friends/townmembers/allies/outsiders.
      • Allies consists of nation-members and nation-allies.
    • On town-owned plots the perm line now has Nation added to it.
      • Build/Destroy/Switch/ItemUse can be set for residents/nationmembers/allies/outsiders.
      • Allies consists of nation-allies.
      • Minor issue: To enable permissions for residents on town-owned land, use /plot set perm friend on.
    Bug fixes:
    • Tridents no longer disappear, when fired into non-PVP enabled areas.
    • All plants, including melons and pumpkins, can now be harvested on farm plots.
    • Dragon eggs can no longer be clicked if Switch is disabled.
    • Players are no longer able to rotate items in item frames without Switch permissions.
    • Netherrack can now be ignited without enabling fire spread.
    • Farm plots now follow the plot permissions to determine who can kill animals in them.
    Other changes
    • Changing plot types (e.g. to embassy or farm) now costs $50.


    • You can now use /mcmmo:inspect on offline players by default.
    • Repair/Salvage will now always ask for confirmation before repairing/salvaging items (instead of only asking for enchanted items).
    • Advanced Salvage has been renamed to Scrap Collector.
    • Changes to Call of the Wild (Taming):
      • No longer checks if entities of the same type are nearby when attempting to summon a new entity.
      • The default summon limit for wolves is 2, for other entities it defaults to 1.
      • By default players are no longer allowed to breed summoned animals with other animals.
      • Summoned entities now send the player a message when they die, time out, or get removed through other means.
    • Changes to Archery:
      • Limit Break now does dramatically less damage to players with lower grades of armor.
      • Limit Break damage bonuses now only apply to players.
      • Skill Shot bonus damage is now multiplicative instead of additive (nerfing early game skill shot ranks).
    • Berserk (Unarmed) will now break glass and glass pane blocks.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Fortune from working correctly if a Double Drop was triggered.
    • You can no longer set party members on fire with your bow.
    • Fixed a dupe issue involving blast mining.
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