Denied Vaibhav's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Application Archive' started by Vaibhav, Jul 7, 2021.

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  1. Vaibhav

    Vaibhav Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2021
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    Your current IGN:

    What is your discord name including the # and numbers?


    How old are you?


    What timezone do you live in?

    IST / UTC+5:30 (India)

    What server do you play the most on Shadow Kingdom?

    Towny most but also play on creative

    How active can you be on Shadow Kingdom?

    Average 3 hours but can also be 5 hours (5 hours not in average, total for entire day)

    Do you have any past experience as staff? Do you still work there? If not, why did you leave?
    (Please be as honest as possible in this section.)

    I am a owner of my brother's discord server with not many people, at this time its pretty much a dead server now, it exists but not active.

    Why do you want to be a staff member on SK? Why should we pick you instead of other players who apply?

    I want to be a staff member because I have been here for around 5 months and I think in this time I know how most of the things work and can help people with all the info. During my most active time period, not that much people come online including the staff so I can help any needed person more quickly in that time period instead of them waiting for staff to come online. Also I love to help people with anything they need and being a staff can make it easier and fast. I also say things in a understandable way to make it easier to the other person. I'll surely do my best.

    Additional comments:
    I can speak 2 languages : Hindi and English, and I have a lot of patience so I can solve a issue with patience and speed.
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  2. sh2mrr5

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    Hey _Vaibhav_,

    Thank you for taking your time to apply for staff on Shadow Kingdom. Unfortunately, we can only accept a small number of applications, so we have decided to deny your application this time. Please feel free to apply again in the future.

    Best of luck!
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