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    Hey there,

    The release of Creative Build Discovery has gone pretty smoothly, and we're happy to see everyone enjoying the new ranking system! For those of you who love numbers, here are the server totals so far:
    • Visits: 896
    • Likes: 273
    • Comments: 60
    • Total Builds: 30
    We've made a few minor changes to the server over the course of this week. I will outline them below:
    • LikeSigns no longer unlike a build if you already liked it. Now, it will simply state "You already liked this build." No more accidental unlikes!
    • Fixed an issue where WorldEdit operations could pass the world border in donator private worlds.
    • Fixed an issue with /speed causing lag/delays.
    • Fixed donator emotes not working correctly.
    • Fixed donator custom join/leave messages not working correctly.
    • Added new aliases for build commands (active next restart).
      - /by <player> -> /build list player <name>
      - /builds -> /build list
    Also, it was brought to our attention that many players were unaware of the billboard at spawn which displayed newly submitted builds. So from now on, all players will spawn on a 45-degree angle, so the billboard is in view. We are also in the process of writing some easy-to-understand tutorials and guides at spawn for new players in hopes of minimizing confusion.

    Here's the view from the new spawn position:

    We are currently investigating a few issues related to certain building tools and hoping to figure out how to fix them. Once those bugs are fixed, we will highlight it in a future changelog.

    This concludes the first changelog for CreativeBD. We already have quite a few updates and other fun stuff planned for this server and we can't wait to share it all! Be sure to keep an eye out. ;)

    Thank you,
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    Thank you all for all the effort you guys put in this amazing new server!
    You guys rock!
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    tfw you can no longer hank past the world border

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