Creative Week 2 Status/Updates

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    Hi there!

    The second week of Creative Build Discovery has gone well, and I'm here to share some stats and also a bunch of changes/fixes we've made on the server.

    Server Totals:

    Builds: 38
    Visits: 1,448
    Likes: 387
    Comments: 75

    Total player joins: 743
    (At the time of writing this post.)


    • Fixed an issue where connecting blocks (particularly doors) did not look or function correctly.
    • Fixed "Important Commands" help page within the /help command not working.
    • Rearranged the positions of the NPC villagers at spawn.
    • Edited the text on the "welcome to the server" hologram to include more new-player-friendly guidance.
    • Added a new "Trending Builds" billboard inside of the spawn build.
    • Helpful holograms around the spawn containing important commands.
    • Fixed an issue where some commands would not "register" as a real command and show red on 1.13+ clients.
    • Added /inspiration command with fancy chat clicky features.
    • Moderator+'s now have access to fix lighting issues caused by various 1.13 tools.

    That's all for now, but check back soon for the next changelog. Lots of cool stuff coming your way!

    Thank you,
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