Hello everyone!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our first Build Contest Challenge.

As usual everyone who took part now has 2 weeks to copy their build to the regular plotworld and submit it from there if they wish. The top three builds will be copied to the museum and can be submitted from there. Store coupons and build points will also be distributed over the next few days.

Here are the winners of the contest:

1st Place:

(1,000 points + $100 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2)

2nd Place:

(750 points + $50 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2)

3rd Place
(500 points + $30 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2)4

4th - 5th Place:
Pliff & TymGa

(250 points + $20 donation store coupon)

6th - 10th Place:
ImKalix, Ruben0_0, DrBep, Xmidnight_gamerX & umconfortable

(125 points)

Every finished plot:

(50 Coins)

Thanks to everyone who made this amazing contest possible, hope to see you soon on the server.
Keep on building!

Kind regards,
SK Staff

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that the 9th SK Creative Build Contest is now live!
This build contest is a ✨️ challenge ✨️. I hear you thinking, what is the challenge? It's the **One Chunk Challenge**!

Theme Description:
The bigger, the better. But not this time! You have 1 chunk to make your build in. Use your space wisely

  • November 14th: Theme announcement, building begins!
  • November 26th: Building ends, judging starts.
  • November 30th: Results are published.
For this contest, we will award the following to the top ten builds:
  • 1st Place: 1,000 points + $100 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2
  • 2nd Place: 750 points + $50 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2
  • 3rd Place: 500 points + $30 donation store coupon + A render of their build made by Jstoeckm2
  • 4th - 5th Place: 250 points + $20 donation store coupon
  • 6th - 10th Place: 125 points
  • Every finished plot: 50 Coins

Contest Rules:

  • No group builds allowed.
  • Everything must be built on the server in the designated world, after the opening date.
  • No copying other content.
  • No build mods/clients allowed (e.g. Schematica, Litematica).
  • We recommend building in default texture pack, as that is what they will be viewed with and judged in.
  • Staff members can join the contest to enjoy building with all of you in a certain theme. Staff submissions will be in a separate ranked contest, decided by you!
How do I join?
  • Join our creative server at mc.shadowkingdom.org and type /warp contest to access the world.
  • Claim a plot and start building!
When do we start?
As soon as this announcement is posted, the contest will begin, and everybody will be able to participate! You have until November 26th to finish your builds. The results will be posted on November 30th.

Good luck and happy building!
SK Staff

Hey everyone,

It's that time of the year again. The weather is slowly getting colder, the nights are getting longer and spiders are popping up everywhere. This makes it the perfect time to start the countdown to Halloween! To do this, we proudly present: Spooktober!

Spooktober is a full month of fun, scares, updates and much more! During Spooktober, we will be announcing new and scary things every Friday, so be sure to keep up! ;)

Since today is a Friday, we will be announcing our first Spooktober addition(s) today already!

Halloween maps

To celebrate Spooktober even more, our beloved Lobby will be decorated for Halloween too! Be sure to join and check it out!
Additionally, our Treasure Hunt Map went through a transformation as well! To fully integrate the map, the game will be disabled for a few hours tomorrow. Afterwards, spooky hunting for crates will be possible again!
Note: Towny will still be available and running! Only the TH game will be disabled.

New Boosters

Starting now, two additional boosters are available in the store!

  1. Money: Buying this will activate a +75% Money Boost for 12 hours on Towny!
  2. Instant Drop Party: Buying this starts an Instant Drop Party on Towny!

You're probably thinking: "What is an Instant Drop Party?". An Instant Drop Party is a party (like the Instant Vote Party) where a lot of great prizes can be won! To get these prizes, you have go to '/warp Dropparty' and stand on the circular platform of the crates at spawn. When the Drop Party starts, six random great rewards will fall from the...