Hello everybody!

Towny v3.0 has been, without a doubt, the most successful server we ever had on this network, featuring player counts we didn’t think to be possible. It has been an epic journey, but now the time has come at last to put the old server to rest. Therefore, I am excited to finally announce the newest iteration of towny servers: Towny v4.0! Our main goal with this server was to create the best towny experience so far by addressing all the feedback we got during the last year, as well as adding hand-picked new features along with true 1.15 support.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole community for their support and feedback, after all it is only thanks to you that we are able to release this server! In the following paragraphs I will high-light the new main features and changes.

Ranking up and Quests

One of the main issues of Towny v3.0 was, that ranking up took a lot of time and was often not worth the effort, especially when you had a town to take care of at the same time. To make earning money easier, we will introduce more than 300 unique daily quests. These quests are unlocked for a specific job as soon as you reach a job level of 10 (even better ones will be unlocked at higher levels). Due to the daily limit of one quest per job, the rewards can be high enough to be your new main source of income. On top of that, we reworked the ranking ladder to make ranking up more worth it, even if you are already a donator. The main perks are small, but significant boosts to your job income and a new custom-coded storage system for your experience.


Completely reworked Treasure Hunt

Everybody who played the Treasure Hunt in T3 might have noticed two things: Some of the reward crates were mostly useless and the world looked very unfinished in places. This is why we reworked most of the rewards, now including several new, unique items with unique effects. There will for example be a Sharpness VI axe for all those axe fighters among you and a Looting IV sword. A full list of prizes will be revealed in a separate announcement though. Additionally, we replaced the old TH world with a completely new one, made under the lead of 0o0_0o0_0o0, with a far more diverse environment....

Hello everybody!

This build contest has been an amazing journey through undiscovered lands and their peoples. We have seen magical creatures, strange worlds and even a glimpse of the future. It has been a lot of fun watching all of your builds grow and become something unique and awesome. There can only be so many winners and deciding on them was not an easy feat. So even if you did not manage to win this time, the next contest will give you a new chance to prove your skills

Now, that the results are here, everybody has two weeks’ time to copy their build over from the contest world to their own plots and then to submit them as a build if they wish to. The first three places will be copied over to the museum world in the next few days and will be submitted from there. Store coupons and build points will be distributed over the weekend as well.

Without further delay I will present the winners now:

1st Place - Luminiscient (1,000 points + $50 donation store coupon):

2nd Place - Teh_Derp1337 (500 points + $25 donation store coupon):


3rd Place - tsunxmi (250 points + $15 donation store coupon):


4th - 5th place - Jeroen78 and Pizza_Hut (100 points):

6th - 10th place – Ultrabrain, Riddeh, Corleia, Krayella and Aerenia (50 points):


Finally, I would like to thank all the amazing builders and staff members who made the contest possible!

Best of luck!

EDIT: The contest has ended, you can find the results here: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/creative-build-contest-undiscovered-civilizations-results.2240/

Happy 1st of May everybody.

With the beginning of this month the results for our building contest theme poll are in, and we can finally announce the competition in more detail!

Contest Theme

As most of you know, we ran a poll to decide which theme the contest will be based around. Thank you to everybody that participated in deciding the theme of Undiscovered Civilisations! We had more responses than anticipated, with the results coming pretty close.

Theme Description:
What secrets lay beneath the rocky earth, under the deepest ocean bodies or within thick jungles? What civilizations live out past our reaches? Build your ideal undiscovered world and reap glory for your discoveries.

This contest theme is based around the creation of mysterious new lands never before seen by humans. Perhaps you've discovered a previously unknown temple, or a strange colony on a far planet. The theme is rather open, so what you build comes down to what the theme says to you personally. We want to see your wildest ideas brought to life!

What's a competition without some good prizes? Each of the top 10 builds will receive a reward for their effort in the form of additional build points, as well as their name on display for all to see at spawn. The best three builds will earn a place in the museum world!

1st Place: 1,000 points + $50 donation store coupon
2nd Place: 500 points + $25 donation store coupon
3rd Place: 250 points + $15 donation store coupon
4th - 5th Place: 100 points
5th - 10th Place: 50 points

How To Participate
Join our creative server over at c.shadowkingdom.org, and head to /warp contest.
Claim a plot in the contest world and start building. It's that simple. No further sign-up is required. All plots are 75x75 blocks.
After the contest is over, staff will get together and judge all the builds, narrowing it down to the top 10.

Contest Rules
No group builds allowed.
Everything must be built on the server in the designated world, after the opening date.
No copying others' content.
No build mods/clients allowed (e.g. Schematica).
We recommend building...