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Hello everyone,

On Monday June 25th we are going to releasing a brand new donation rank! The rank is called Cosmos and cost 200 USD total. Just like the other donation ranks, you can upgrade from Benefactor in the store! The perks for the rank are;


  • Change your chat prefix color using /prefixcolor
  • Set your walk/fly speed using /speed <1-10>
  • Toggle PM's in-game /messagetoggle
  • Give yourself a nickname using /nick
  • See inside anyone's inventory (cannot edit) /invsee
  • Teleport to the top of any building you're inside /top
  • Join up to 4 Jobs
  • 3x McMMO experience
  • Rent up to 3 PlayerShops at once
  • A total of 30 sethomes
  • Access to 15 pets /petgui


  • Change your chat prefix color using /prefixcolor
  • Toggle PM's in-game /messagetoggle
  • Give yourself a nickname using /nick
  • See inside anyone's inventory (cannot edit) /invsee
  • Claim to up 10 Small and Large plots in total
We hope you enjoy the new rank and please report any bugs to us

Have a good weekend, the SK team.
Hello Players,

Today I'd like to release our new Shadow Kingdom logo! You will notice that our new logo and theme will slowly be replacing the old logo in all Shadow Kingdom affiliated places.


Furthermore, over the course if the next few weeks, we will be updating the website theme to match this new logo. The first update is the new "Shadow Kingdom" at the top of the website. Keep an eye out for these new redesigns!

Special thanks to Aelin for all of the new artwork that everyone will see rolling out soon!

Thank you,
Hello players,

As a bit of friendly competition--with the added benefit of hopefully boosting SK's player count for Factions's first month--we are delighted to announce a Voting Contest for the month of June 2018. This will be one of the largest voting contests we have ever had on Shadow Kingdom, with over $500 of in-store credit being given away for free! It will begin in a few short hours at 0:00 EST on June 1st and end 24:00 EST on June 30th. The following is a list of benefits for the top winners of this voting contest:

1st Place: $125 donation store coupon
2nd Place: $75 donation store coupon
3rd Place: $50 donation store coupon
4th-5th Places: $30 donation store coupon
6th-10th Places: $20 donation store coupon
11th-20th Places: $10 donation store coupon

To check your current ranking, go to the Lobby server and type /votetop. This will display the top voters for the months.
The donation coupons will be directly messaged to their winners upon the conclusion of the voting contest and will expire two weeks after they have been delivered to the winners.

Happy voting!
- SK Staff Team

*Admins cannot participate in this voting contest, though their alt accounts may.