1. Hey Guest, Shadow Kingdom turns 5 years old on April 1st, 2020! To celebrate, all RANKS and UPGRADES on our store are 40% OFF until April 5th! https://store.shadowkingdom.org
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Hello Players,

As many of you may recall, Shadow Kingdom officially turns 5 years old on April 1st, 2020. In March of 2015 after leaving our previous server, we began working on Shadow Kingdom as a small creative plot server where we knew our builds would be safe from random destruction or straight up deletion. With a small team of friends and a passion for the Minecraft community, we've managed to stay true to this mission throughout all of these years. Although we've expanded a lot since then into the survival realm with our popular Towny servers, we will always remember our roots in the creative building community.

During a time like this when all the news seems to be negative, we want to do something positive. So from now until April 5th, we have an early 40% off sale for Shadow Kingdom's birthday on all donator ranks, as well as some server-specific perks in-game for those who cannot buy ranks! Click here to get your donator ranks today!

Special perks:

Double vote rewards on both servers!


20% Jobs money boost for all Jobs!

  • All donation ranks are global and life-time. This means that purchased ranks will transfer to all current and future Shadow Kingdom servers and will exist as long as the server does!
  • The Early Birthday Sale is effective for all Global Ranks and Rank Upgrades.
  • Be sure to type your in-game username accurately with correct capitalization when purchasing.
  • After you purchase a rank, please allow up to 5 minutes for the rank to become active in-game.
Create a thread here if you have any questions or issues with a donation.


To finish off this announcement, I would just like to say thank you to all the members of this community who have kept Shadow Kingdom active and thriving throughout the last 5 years. I'm so grateful for this community and happy to see what it has developed into within this time.


Hello Players,

As of today, we are actively looking for new staff members! If you have been thinking of applying recently, now is the perfect time to do so! We are particularly looking for staff who are knowledgeable on the CreativeBD server and tools/plugins, however, Towny staff are always appreciated also. As a staff member, you will have the opportunity to work with our team on making the server a more enjoyable place for the community.

Before applying, be sure that you meet our Staff Requirements:

  • Must be registered on the forums for at least one week (or 7 days).
  • Must have a Discord account. Staff members use Discord to communicate and discuss server stuff.
  • Must be active on Discord daily. Staff members will be expected to keep up with the Discord Staff Chats for any updates or announcements regarding the server.
  • Must be fluent in the English language. English is Shadow Kingdom's main language and you will need to know this language to appropriately moderate the server. Knowing extra languages is a huge plus, however not a requirement.
  • Must be willing to learn about and staff every server on the network. Specialization and preferential treatment towards one or some servers over others is allowed, but staff members are expected to know, at the extreme least, how every server operates and how to answer basic questions about their functions.
  • Must be available for a voice interview with our Staff Manager on Discord. If you have any issues complying with this rule, please highlight those issues in your staff application.
  • We do not have an age restriction on staff members, but an ideal age would be at least 14 years old and above.
If you meet these requirements click here to submit your application!

I look forward to seeing some new staff around very soon and I thank all of those who take the time out of their days to apply!

- SK Administration

Hello Players,

Every so often we like to provide you all with a feedback form. These forms help us understand how our community feels about the updates and servers that we are providing and heavily influences future updates.

Since Towny v3.0 has been online for nearly a year, we are looking for your feedback and general thoughts on how this server delivered in terms of features and improvements from previous Towny servers throughout this time. Some of the questions on this form may take a while to properly answer, so we recommend taking your time and answering them with as much detail and insight as you can.

We believe that everyone in our community should have an equal voice to share their thoughts/critiques/suggestions, so our administrative team will be reading every single response to this form.

**Please keep in mind that this form will require you to login to Google, however, we are NOT collecting emails. The login requirement is purely for the sake of minimizing spam and low-quality responses. If you wish for your response to remain anonymous, please leave the "What is your Minecraft username?" question blank and proceed as normal.

Towny v3.0 Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/fcpQXBeqG28GSG3TA