The worlds have been reset now successfully.
Hello everybody!

Towny v4.0 has been around for a few months now and been quite successful so far! Since the Resource world and especially the End world are usually looted fairly quickly, we have decided to reset them on Saturday, October 31st. To give as many players as possible a fair chance, the new End world will be opened at 6 pm CET/ 12 pm CST.

If you still have anything of value in either of these worlds, make sure to grab it BEFORE that Saturday!

Additionally, we updated a few plugins which should fix a number of bugs for Towny:
  • Fixed a possible dupe issue involving /trade
  • Fixed an issue with /trade that could lead to loss of items
  • Fixed mob names in death messages sometimes being replaced by hearts
  • McMMO abilities do not rely on adding lore to the respective tool anymore
  • Fixed an issue that rolls (McMMO/Acrobatics) wouldn't give XP at a certain height
  • Changed Alchemy levels required to unlock special potions to be more consistent: 0, 10, 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, 100 (from: 0, 1, 35, 65, 75, 85, 100)
Hello players,

It is the spooky time of the year again so we decided to celebrate with a small sale! Until November 2nd all ranks and rank upgrades are 35% off. On top of that every purchase comes with a fashionable headpiece to keep you save during these troubled times*:


Last but not least, we also spookified our lobby, feel free to check it out!

*The item in question is a carved pumpkin. The ShadowKingdom Staff takes no responsibility for improper use, including but not limited to placing it down or using or for crafting. :p

Hello everybody!

Previously, we only closed staff applications, if the applicant did not meet the (low) requirements or if they were completely absent in game for at least two months. The idea behind that was, to give us a pool of open applications to choose from, whenever there was a need for new staff members. However, this system was also kind of unfair towards everybody who had low chances of being accepted in the first place, leaving their application without a reply for months or longer.

Therefore, we decided to implement a new, much more transparent system, which I am going to explain in this post. From now on, each new application will be discussed among the staff members and will get a reply within two weeks. Depending on this, there will be three possible outcomes:

  • The application is accepted. - The applicant will be contacted by staff to schedule the training.

  • The application is kept open (for a maximum of two months). - This could for example happen if the candidate is promising, but there are currently no open spaces or if they are fairly new and we would like to see if they remain active first.

  • The application is denied. - If we think the applicant is not fitting for the position at the moment. This does not mean that the next application will be denied as well though, as there can be many reasons for this (e.g. recent conflict with the rules, low activity, etc.).

Since there are many open applications right now, we have decided to close all the open ones, so we can start from a clean slate. If your application was among those and you are still interested in becoming a staff member, you can of course apply again, once the 30 days specified in the Guidelines and Requirements have passed.

Best of Luck!