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Hello players!

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Hello players!

We would like to let everyone know that due to many inconveniences we have removed heads and the Buy Heads NPC from the Survival server.

The main issue we've run into is that when we issue rollbacks, the heads don't get restored properly and turn into Steve heads making them irreplaceable without repurchasing them.

We apologize for any inconveniences, but we feel it's better this way.
- SK Administration
Hello players,

It's been prevalent on the Survival server that there has been a lot of confusion regarding the rules and how the server operates. I'm writing this post to hopefully clear up some server rules that may not be understood as clearly as we'd like. Please remember that all of the rules that we put in place on Survival is for the well-being of the server and community.

Rules regarding PvP:

  • When you accept a teleportation request, you are automatically assuming the risk of PvP.
  • Players who kill you are not required to return items.
  • Killing players repeatedly in a short period of time without permissions is NOT allowed.
  • Hiding out at someone's /home to kill them repeatedly in a way that makes it hard for them to play on the server is NOT allowed.
  • Teleporting a player into a death trap that will inevitably or instantly kill them is NOT allowed.
If I missed something that you personally are confused about, or you see a lot of confusion among the community, please reply to this thread, so we can have a healthy discussion. Spamming staff members when they come online about players breaking a rule with no evidence whatsoever is not helpful to us.

I encourage EVERY player to regularly read the Official In-Game Rules for clarification and punishments for breaking certain rules.

Also, please note that if you must report a player for breaking a rule, you must have sufficient evidence. This can mean screenshots, videos, or chat logs (chat logs cannot be copy/pasted). Staff members are here to help you, please remember.

Best of luck,