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Hello players,

This announcement is a friendly reminder that we've made changes to the server rules. These changes only affect the Creative server and players who hold a donator rank of VIP or higher.

It's a well-known fact that players can use the ArmorStandTools plugin to create floating holograms on the server that say basically anything. As a staff team, this has been discussed multiple times, and we've come to the decision that we will not restrict players from doing this, as long as they are made in a way that compliments or enhances your build(s).

If any players are caught creating holograms around the server that are random spamming or silly messages, that player will risk their permission for /ast to be taken away, regardless of your donation rank.

Just to reiterate, holograms are fine, as long as you're using them to compliment or enhance your build. Spammy or random holograms around your plots or freebuild are now against the rules.

Thank you,
- SK Administration
Hello players,

I'd like to welcome everyone to the new and improved website and forums! You guys may notice that the forums are now dramatically different, and that is due to our switch of forum software from Enjin to XenForo. XenForo is a much more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing software, which is being hosted on our own hardware. Because of this, we have much more control over the website and we can now control new features more appropriately.

Along with the new website, we've added a new staff member: @Pile. She will be our official forums administrator. Some may call her a XenForo miracle-worker. If you guys run into any issues on the new website, you may report to either Pile or another administrator, who will be able to efficiently assist you with your troubles.

We hope you guys enjoy the website as much as we suspect you will. There are many new features and bonuses to be discovered that were not available to us on the old website. Again, please contact a member of staff if you are confused or need assistance whilst browsing the new website.

Thank you,
- SK Administration & Development Team