Hello players,

We have opened staff applications. This means that all players are free to apply. We do not have a set amount of open positions, however, it's very possible that we can bring in either multiple or no new staff members, depending on the amount of worthy applicants.

Please note that we are mainly looking for players either active on Creative or Skyblock.

Furthermore, all players who want to be considered for a staff position on Shadow Kingdom have to comply with the Staff Requirements. Apply here: [Staff Application]

Best of luck to everyone who applies!
Hey, guys!

I'd like to introduce some new staff promotions on SK!
- Pile - Promoted to Staff Manager!
- Mydrevity - Promoted to Moderator!
- TeenyPotato - Promoted to Moderator!

Creative updates:

As the title says, we are getting ready for a reset of both the Flat and Natural worlds on the Creative server on the 15th of April, 2017. As I'm sure you can tell, this means that both of these worlds will be wiped clean. This is a standard practice that we repeat every few months to keep the world clean and free.

As it currently stands, world downloads are not something that will be available for this reset. However, staff members will be available for 7-14 days after the world resets to move your builds into the new worlds, if you wish you save them.

Along with this, we will be updating to support versions 1.11 through 1.11.2 on Creative. Make sure to connect with these versions! As with all server resets, this is a perfect window of time to report any major issues on the server, so they can be repaired while we are performing the hard maintenance that we have planned.

Skyblock updates:

In other news, I'd like to introduce some updates to Skyblock:
- Added VoteTokens as a voting reward.
- Added a Tokenshop to spend Tokens. /tokenshop
- Added new rewards to some of the challenges.
- Server optimizations, fixed mob-spawning glitches.
- Voting money has been doubled from $50 per vote to $100.
- More updates: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/skyblock-and-staff-team-changes-4-2-17.191/
Hello players,

Today marks two years since we founded Shadow Kingdom. We have seen so much success in the past two years that we never thought possible when we originally released SK to the public as a plotworld creative server.

Shadow Kingdom has seen both good and bad days. Many of you veteran players will remember the days when our average player count was 3-5. This is why it blows our mind to see that just last weekend, we've peaked at 57 players online.

During the time that Shadow Kingdom has been open, we've had many memorable experiences. We'd like to highlight some of these moments here. We've had many well-known builders and Planet Minecraft staff members join SK to build, we've had famous Twitch streamers play on Creative with their fans, and we've even had a real-life museum use SK as a demo server for Minecraft. Things like these events are what keep us interested and willing to continue development for you, the players.

We'd like to conclude this announcement with a thank you to the community for supporting our project. Without you guys, SK couldn't have existed this long. Here's to another 2+ years of prosperity for Shadow Kingdom!

Players, please comment below this post what your favorite memory on SK has been. Screenshots are encouraged!

- SK Staff Team