Hello players,

I am conducting a voting contest beginning July 1st, 2017 at 12AM EST and ending July 31st at 12AM EST on the dot. This contest will reward players with over $300 worth of prizes at the end, absolutely for free. This will be the biggest voting contest in all of SK's history, so I encourage all players to participate!

I am announcing this contest quite a few days before the beginning date, because I want all players to have an equal chance and be aware that this contest is going on, so you all can plan accordingly.

Follow are going to be the prizes that players who place in the July Voting Contest will receive. We will be rewarding the top 10 voters in July.

  • 1st place: Benefactor rank and a $30 coupon to spend in our Donation Store.
  • 2nd place: Patron rank and a $25 coupon to spend in our Donation Store.
  • 3rd place: VIP rank and a $20 coupon to spend in our Donation Store.
  • 4th place: Sponsor rank and a $15 coupon to spend in our Donation Store.
  • 5th place: Donator rank and a $10 coupon to spend in our Donation Store.
  • 6th - 10th place: $10 coupon to spend in our Donation Store.

How do I check how many votes I have?
To check how many votes you have, the most accurate place to look would be on the Lobby server (use /lobby to go there from another server on the network). When you are on the Lobby server, type /votetop to view the top 10 voters. The Lobby server will register ALL votes whether you are online or offline at the time of voting, which is why it's the most accurate place to check your progress. Also, when the contest starts, there will be a message under the server MOTD displaying how many votes for the month that you have.

Extra Info
1) If you already possess the rank for the place you landed at the end of the voting contest, you will get one free rank upgrade. This upgrade does not depend on your current rank. So, if you have VIP rank and place 5th in the voting contest, you will get a free upgrade to Patron, for example.
2) If you have Benefactor rank and place 1st - 5th place in the contest, you will only receive the free coupon prize.
3) If more than one player ties at the end of the month...
Hello players,

This is a friendly reminder that in light of recent events, we have a few new staff positions open. If being a staff member is something that interests you, please feel free to apply here after confirming that you meet all of the Guidelines and Requirements.

Staff requirements
  • Must have a Discord account.
  • Must be active on Discord daily.
  • Must be fluent in the English language.
  • Must be available for a voice interview with our Staff Manager on Discord. If you have any issues complying with this rule, please highlight those issues in your application.
  • We do not have an age restriction on staff members, but an ideal age would be at least 14-15 years old.
  • Must be registered on the forums for at least a month (30 days).
Best of luck to all those who decide to apply!
Many of you veteran players remember when we used to have Minigames nearly two years ago. Unfortunately they were removed due to outdated plugins. But today, I'd like to introduce the first of many all-new Minigames that we will be adding to the Shadow Kingdom Network called Hide and Seek.


Shadow Kingdom Hide and Seek will be a feature-packed server filled with awesome rewards and prizes for winning games. You can earn ranks, buy upgrades, and further your Minecraft character by simply playing the game. Unlike our old Minigames, this game will be established and self-sustaining.

Q: How do I play this game?

A: When you join the server, you will automatically be teleported into the Lobby, where you will vote on a map to play. After the timer runs out, a random player will be chosen as the "Seeker" while all other players will be "Hiders." The job of the Seeker will be to find and kill the hiding players, however, this is easier said than done. All Hiders will be disguised as a block which blends into the terrain of the maps, and their jobs are to stay alive until the end of the game.

Q: When will this amazing game be released?

A: This game is planned to be released on June 23rd, 2017. Meet us online that day for the grand opening!

Q: How do I join the server?
A: After the server is released, simply type /hideandseek to instantly join the game! Please note that until the release date, the server will not be open to all players.

Have any questions? Comment down below!